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The Chase

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  • Jon
    That s right - in four days it will be time once more for QOC s Annual Meeting and Potluck Picnic. Location: Patapsco State Park, McKeldin Area. Date: Sunday,
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      That's right - in four days it will be time once more for QOC's Annual
      Meeting and Potluck Picnic.

      Location: Patapsco State Park, McKeldin Area.
      Date: Sunday, June 5, 2005
      Meet director: Ted Good
      Course designer: John Blaisdell

      10:30 am Registration opens
      11:30 am Registration Closes
      11:30 am Annual Meeting
      12:00 Mass Start for `The Chase'
      Beverages for your selection: Beer, Soda, or Water

      Post Chase: Annual PICNIC and AWARDS CEREMONY
      1.     Recognition of course setters/meet directors-- 2nd half of
      2.    Club Ranking Winners
      3.    Drawings
      4.    Volunteer Award

      QOC will provide beverages, desserts and paper goods. People
      should bring picnic foods to share. Grills will be available and
      BBQing is encouraged!

      Meet Notes:
      NO PETS allowed in the park
      There will be an additional $1 for this meet to cover extra map costs
      and beverages.
      Park Entrance Fee: $2.00 in-state cars (Carpooling is encouraged)
      $3.00 out-of-state cars
      · Allow enough time to get to the meet and register. Don't be late.
      · Epunch is being used do don't forget you dibbers.

      Course Setters Notes:

      The annual picnic features courses suitable for all, with a
      mass start format and following allowed.

      There are three loops; the first loop is Advanced difficulty,
      the second loop is Orange level difficulty, and the third
      loop is Easy. Green runners and above should do all three loops;
      Yellow through Brown runners should try the last two
      loops; and White runners and other beginners and visitors
      should enjoy the third loop. Yellow runners on the second loop
      may consider taking the long way around on the available

      Everyone will start together at noon; please allow a little time
      for parking as we may overflow into a second lot 200 m away.

      Before and after the course, and before you can exchange your map
      between each loop, you will quaff a beverage of your choice, on the
      clock. There are no other water stops.

      The lengths are as follows:
      Advance loop: Loop 1: 2.85K, 1:10,000 map
      Medium Loop: Loop 2: 2.37K, 1:10,000 map
      Beginner Loop: Loop 3: .88K, 1:5,000 map.

      Loops 1+2+3: 6.10 km, 210 m, 20 controls
      Loops 2+3: 3.25 km, 105 m, 11 controls (start with #10)
      Loop 3 only: 0.88 km, 20 m, 5 controls (start with #16)

      This year EACH loop/map has "forked" controls. At forked controls
      you will find two circles on your map. These are route choice forks;
      you may go to EITHER of the pair as you choose. Do not go to both.
      The advanced map has a two-control fork; choose either the left pair
      or the right pair. Both halves of each fork have the same control
      description and control number.

      The second loop crosses the main park entrance road; please use
      caution. The small out-of-bounds area near the second loop is the
      ranger's office area. The third loop may require dodging frisbees,
      and you may meet horses almost anywhere. Please be courteous.

      There is a route choice option on the advanced loop on which you
      might get quite WET. The wet route is NOT required, nor necessarily
      the best route, but does use a brand new section of map. You may wish
      to be prepared with a suitable change of clothes.

      We are using e-punch; there will be two boxes at control #1, with
      luck this will keep the time waiting to punch to a minimum.

      The goals of setting the course have been to provide some
      interesting legs while minimizing the famous McKeldin climb, and also
      to use newly mapped or revised features as control points to showcase
      our newly revised map.

      Although Ted is maintaining the map in OCAD, it is proving hard
      to keep up with the continuing efforts of mountain bikers, horses, and
      disk golf enthusiasts to remake details of trails. The disk golf holes
      are not mapped as they are not in permanent locations. There are also
      some prominent deer trails which we have declined to map.

      As of May 21, there is considerable undergrowth in some sections,
      especially around the start area, so gaiters are recommended.
      Visibility is also down. We saw a little poison ivy on two legs, but
      no ticks as yet.

      The map has been undergoing revision for the last year by John
      Blaisdell and Ted Good.. Almost all of the map has been revised.
      The terrain is steep so all courses will have some periods of
      steep climb accordingly. The woods are very, very open with lots of
      trails. The catch is there is a low growing grass that obscures the
      footing in much of the area and visibility is general isn't that
      I found very little poison ivy in this park but it does exist.
      The areas around the disc golf course are mapped somewhat
      irregularly as the vegetation changes frequently. Some fields get cut
      periodically while others they let the grass grow nice and tall.
      There are also numerous trails to/from the tee area/baskets that are
      not on the map as they also change when the baskets move. The wooded
      areas in the course tend to be open and free of undergrowth. A new
      light grey dot is now used to signify a possible basket location but
      not all baskets have been mapped yet.
      The black circles on the map are the permanent orienteering
      course. These are 4x4" green post with a small orienteering symbol
      painted on top. They are about 4 ft high.
      Most of the cliffs are small, 1-2 feet high. Where stony ground
      exists it has been mapped. The rock in stony ground areas can vary
      from 6 inches to 2 feet sized rocks.
      Rootstocks are all new and are 2+ meters height. There are
      numerous small root stocks not on the map.

      From westbound I-70 exit 83 Marriottsville Road, go north 4 miles to
      park entrance on right.
      From eastbound I- 70, there is no access to Marriotsville Road. In
      order to get to Marriotsville, you have to take the Route 40 exit and
      access Marriotsville Road from Route 40. You would then make a left
      turn on to Marriotsville Road from Route 40 and proceed north on
      Marriotsville Road to the Park Entrance.

      Note: to avoid the Baltimore Beltway, the webmaster used from DC area,
      from either I-95 or the BW Parkway to Rt. 32 West to US 29 north to I-
      70 west. Marriottsville Road is the next exit.
    • bcebolog
      The regular QOC 2010-2011 season ends this Sunday at Jug Bay with our annual general meeting at 11:30am followed by the traditional Chase event at noon and
      Message 2 of 8 , Jun 3, 2011
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        The regular QOC 2010-2011 season ends this Sunday at Jug Bay with our annual general meeting at 11:30am followed by the traditional Chase event at noon and subsequent potluck picnic. All are welcome to participate, whether QOC member or not. Details are on the QOC web site, with the exception of information about the promised "kid-oriented events", which we'll have to bestir ourselves to publish ASAP.

        I hope to see many of you at the event. If not, then at one of the Summer Series events our SS Mistress will be overseeing, or at the WPOC A meet later this month, or the Canal Cities Orienteering Festival in late July/early August or in the QOC season to come starting in September, for which the proposed schedule should be online within the next couple of weeks. Cheers.

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