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RESCHEDULED Little Bennett Notes

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  • Jon
    Sunday, February 6, 2005 Starts 11am to 1pm; course closure 3pm Course Designer – David Onkst Meet Director – Diana Todd Updated Notes: As you know, our
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      Sunday, February 6, 2005
      Starts 11am to 1pm; course closure 3pm
      Course Designer – David Onkst
      Meet Director – Diana Todd

      Updated Notes:
      As you know, our Little Bennett orienteering event had to be postponed
      this past Sunday. Luckily, several of QOC's finest – Diana Todd,
      Valerie Meyer, Sam Listwak, Ted Good, and Greg & Kathleen Lennon have
      come together to help make the event happen this Sunday!! Please be
      sure to thank each of them for doing the extra legwork on such short
      notice – they are incredible!

      Thank you also to the volunteers who have committed to helping out.
      We still need some more helpers so please email Diana and offer your
      time – it's fun and easy! dltodd@...

      David and I will be away on Sunday, so we wish you all a GREAT time in
      the woods – navigate well, be safe, and have FUN! See you at Great
      Falls on the 13th.

      Heidi & David Onkst

      Meet Director's Notes:

      All course levels will be offered. With many thanks to Valerie Meyer,
      E-PUNCHING will be available on Orange, Brown, Green, Red and Blue.
      Beginner's courses (white and yellow) will use pin punching. E-
      dippers will be available for rent through Valerie on the day of the
      event for a nominal charge.

      The park has a nice network of trails so this is a good meet to "move
      up" on your course level. Keep in mind, however, that if the ground
      is still covered with snow, we anticipate that completion times may be
      a bit longer than usual. Also, with the recent snowfall, the terrain
      will be pretty wet so please plan your footwear accordingly.

      Registration/start times will run from 11am to 1pm, with an "out of
      the woods" time of 3pm. The meet site will be at the Nature Center on
      the lower level.

      Course lengths are listed below and we will have PRE-PRINTED maps.
      Please email Diana Todd at dltodd@... to let her know if you
      will be attending and what course you plan on running so that we can
      have the appropriate number of pre-printed maps available. (If you
      responded for the 30th – no need to reply again unless you can NOT
      attend on the 6th.) Also, if you are bringing a group, please email
      names and course levels and anticipated time of arrival so that your
      registration and maps will be ready. Please put "Little Bennett" in
      your subject line so that we are sure to see your email among the
      multitude of spam messages we get everyday!

      From I-270 take exit 18 toward Clarksburg/Boyds (there will also be
      signs to Little Bennett Park.) Go North on Clarksburg Road (MD-121)
      to Frederick Road (MD-355). Turn left at the first light onto
      Frederick Road (MD-355) and follow signs to the main entrance to
      Little Bennett Park (it will be the second entrance on your right).
      Stay on the main road and follow the orienteering signs to the Nature


      I hope you have as much fun running these courses as I did creating
      them. It has been very challenging to design them due to the snow and
      the fact that the map is more than nine years old and in need of some
      serious updates. Despite such difficulties, I believe I have created
      some challenging and fun courses and we are scheduled to have nice
      weather! I hope you enjoy your outing, and I'm sure your experience
      will be enhanced by the fact that we have e-punching on all of the
      courses on Orange and above; please be sure to thank Valerie Meyer for
      all her hard work in e-punch central (and with the printing of the

      The final course specifications are as follows:

      White (Beginner) 2.8 Km long 70 m of climb 10 controls
      Yellow (Advanced Beginner) 4.3 Km long 130 m of climb 13 controls
      Orange (Intermediate) 4.8 Km long 145 m of climb 12 controls
      Brown (Advanced) 4.1 Km long 130 m of climb 8 controls
      Green (Advanced) 5.5 Km long 160 m of climb 11 controls
      Red (Advanced) 8.8 Km long 305 m of climb 19 controls
      Blue (Advanced) 12.3 Km long 425 m of climb 17 controls

      General Notes

      The Map Scale will be 1:10,000 on all courses except Blue, which while
      be 1:15,000.

      Clarksburg Road and the area east of it are out-of-bounds and are
      marked as such with purple cross-hatching on each map.

      Because the Start and Finish are located at the same point, please
      look closely at your map when you start so that you make sure that you
      are navigating to the first control on your course and not your last
      one. Similarly, please note that some courses may cross through the
      Start/Finish area so follow your course lines carefully.

      If the snow is still in the park, some trails may be more difficult to
      follow than normal, so please be aware. Many of the trails have small
      painted blazes on the trees at various points along the way, so you
      may want to follow them if you feel that you are unintentionally
      drifting off the trail.

      Be sure to look at your control numbers carefully before punching.
      Several controls are located close to one another and you might pass
      another course's control before arriving at your own, this is
      particularly important for White and Yellow runners.

      On Orange courses and above, please note that control bag # 234, which
      is located for most of you either at the very beginning or end of your
      run, is described as "stony ground," but is mapped as a "rock pile."
      Visually, this should make no difference when you are navigating to
      the control, but for you purists, I wanted to point out the

      In certain areas on the advanced courses, you may run across ruined
      barbed wire fences. We've tried to flag them in areas where routes
      cross, but please be very careful when approaching areas that are
      mapped as having fences.

      Due to the age of the map, there are multiple off-trail areas that
      contain a great deal of unmapped downfall. While these areas may slow
      you down a bit, they are certainly navigable. You may have to weave a
      bit, but you'll make it through—I did!

      On a similar note, advanced runners may have to fight, or rather weave
      around, a few unmapped (or rather inconsistently mapped) thorny areas
      on their courses (particularly NE of the park's mainstream).
      Fortunately, only a few of these areas exist and the thorns are the
      type that will probably only catch you once or twice below the waist
      and are easily escapable. Also, the thick green areas on your courses
      are more easily navigable than they appear – it's mostly downfall.

      Advanced runners will also find that there are two or three additional
      water stops depicted on your map in addition to the regular types of
      water stops as indicated by your clue sheets. These additional stops
      are denoted on the map with a purple water cup and are located on the
      main road and at the bridge crossing (which is also denoted with its
      own purple symbol on the map). Some advanced runners (Blue runners)
      may seriously want to consider using these water stops in addition to
      your regular control refreshment stops. If you decide to visit them,
      you will not have to deviate very far, if at all, from your route

      Finally, Blue and Green runners will have to cross the park's
      mainstream twice. Please note that there is a bridge located and
      marked on your map that you may or may not want to use given your
      route choice. If you should chose not to use the bridge, please note
      that there are at least two or three solid logs that you could easily
      use to cross the stream in lieu of the bridge should you decide to
      take another route. Whatever you decide, please be careful crossing in
      this cooler weather.

      OK, that is all. Please enjoy the woods!

      David Onkst
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