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Next QOC event - Orange Grove this Sunday

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  • Jon
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
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      Event: Orange Grove
      Date: 12/5/2004
      Location: Patapsco Valley State Park, Orange Grove area.
      Registration: 11am to 1pm
      Out-of-woods time: 3pm
      Directions: See bottom of message.

      There is a $2 per person park entrance fee, and usually there is no
      attendant at the entrance booth, so have exact cash or have a Maryland
      State Parks all year pass.


      WHITE 2.2 km 65 m climb 10 controls
      YELLOW 2.8 km 85 m climb 11 controls
      ORANGE 3.6 km 90 m climb 12 controls
      BROWN 3.2 km 130 m climb 12 controls
      GREEN 5.1 km 175 m climb 13 controls
      RED 6.5 km 265 m climb 16 controls
      BLUE 8.6 km 320 m climb 19 controls

      Yellow and Orange courses are perhaps a little bit technically easier
      than average Yellow and Orange.

      There is a 400 m walk 60 m elevation gain from Registration to Start
      to eliminate elevation gain during the course.
      Finish is at the Registration pavilion.


      A rather clean forest on the slopes of Patapsco river valley.
      Green areas are not very terrible at this period of year.


      1:7500 with 20 ft. contours interval
      Mapping style in the northern and in the southern part (the later one
      will be visited only by Red and Blue courses runners) of the map is a
      little bit different.
      Green color has only two gradations, not three; one may assume that
      the "second green" on this map is equivalent to the "medium green" or
      the "fight green" on other maps.

      Rock features are shown (in the northern part of the map) up to very
      small detail; you may fail to find some of them under the fallen
      leaves. But do not be scared: those rock features that were chosen for
      the controls are big; also I did not try to "hide" the controls. No
      "find the clue first, then you will see the flag" game this time.

      Some gulleys (in the northern part of the map) shown by solid brown
      line are hardly noticeable at the terrain; on some other maps they
      would be shown by a sequence of brown dots, if shown at all. On the
      other hand, some larger gullies are not shown (especially those on the
      bottom of reentrants).

      Do not rely on fences; you may cross one without noticing.

      Also what remains from old stone walls is sometimes hardly visible
      under fallen leafs.

      Blue color in the map is very dark, almost black. Do not take
      intermittent streams for a trail!

      Some CHANGES are shown in master maps in red; you may want to copy
      some of them when copying your course. Trails that have vanished or
      are destroyed by rangers are criss-crossed; this DOES NOT mean it is
      prohibited to go there; if you find what remains of the trail, you can
      follow it! One major trail destruction can affect route choice on Blue
      course. Please, notice some new trails, and other small details in the
      master maps, too.


      Park is located between DC and Baltimore. From I-195 (Exit 47 off of
      I-95) take Route 1 exit 3 towards Elkridge to South Street. Turn
      right. The park entrance is on the left. Once on the park road turn
      left at the "T" intersection onto Gun Road, then right onto River Road
      and follow it to the end. Park at the Orange Grove lot.


      Pets are welcome throughout the park, with the exception of picnic and
      camping areas due to high rates of visitation. Please help us maintain
      the sanitation of these areas by avoiding trails that pass through
      them. For the safety of your pet, other visitors and the park's
      wildlife, please comply with the park's requirement that all pets
      remain on a leash. Thank you!
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