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Local Orienteering this weekend

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  • Jon
    QOC members lacking the insanity to head north for the Highlander or even further afield to an A meet this weekend will have plenty of opportunity to orienteer
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2004
      QOC members lacking the insanity to head north for the Highlander or
      even further afield to an A meet this weekend will have plenty of
      opportunity to orienteer locally as Mike Dvorsky will be holding his
      annual ROTC event at Kings Landing on Saturday (see details below) and
      QOC will be holding a meet at Bowie State University on Sunday (see
      preliminary course setter's notes even further below; more detail to
      follow later in the week). Enjoy.

      Help Needed:  Oct. 9 ROTC event

      Time again this year for QOC'ers to rally around one of our most
      reliable event directors, eight-year QOC veteran Mike Dvorsky!  Each
      year since '99 he's had about 250 orienteers do instructional map
      walks at his annual Kings Landing (Calvert Co.) event.  This Sat.,
      Oct. 9, he needs about 8-10 QOC members from 9:30 a.m. to late morning
      to lead smaller groups around a simple three-point Map Walk course. 
      The big, easy-to-read 1:5000 scale map makes pointing out features to
      the group and quizzing them about symbols easy.  Orienting the map
      using features (and, at the end, the north end of the compass) are the
      key skills to review.  Dave Linthicum has set the courses and will
      lead map walks.  The high schoolers come from as far as Norfolk and
      Baltimore.  Lunch will be provided for volunteers and they can run any
      course from white to brown afterwards, or a 30 pt. Score O' course
      (all courses are different from QOC's September event courses at this
      site on the Patuxent River west of Huntingtown). Contact Mike at
      PATUXENT-MD@... if you can volunteer.

      Preliminary Course Setter's Notes

      Bowie, Maryland -- October 10, 2004


      Courses (distances and climbs will be provided in the final notes):


      White: 7 controls

      Yellow: 8 controls

      Orange: 15 controls

      Brown: 12 controls

      Green: 16 controls

      Red: 22 controls

      Blue: 27 controls


      We will have a full set of seven courses at the Bowie meet.  We will
      be re-using the courses from the meet two years ago, which was held in
      the winter.  As at previous Bowie meets, there will be a 500-meter
      marked walk from the registration area near the track to the


      The Fran Uhler Natural Area is mostly flat wetland, so water is an
      ever-present hazard.  A couple of trails near the start-finish are
      flooded out, and these will be marked on the master maps. Other than
      that, the water is very well-behaved this fall, remaining confined
      within its boundaries as shown on the map.  All of the controls can be
      reached by dry routes, but on the advanced courses the shortest route
      may take you through a wet spot.


      The white woods are quite passable, but a bit more dense than recent
      meets at other venues.  The various shades of green are to be avoided,
      because the greenbriar will slow you down and worse.   


      The area sees heavy use by motorized all-terrain vehicles.  They are
      loud and smelly, and if you are within 10 feet of them when they cross
      through a puddle, you will get wet.  Best to get well off the trail
      and let them pass. 
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