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  • Jon Torrance
    Tony, You had me confused for a bit there until I looked at the results of our late September meet at Hemlock and realised you must have gone there on your own
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
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      You had me confused for a bit there until I looked at the results of our late September meet at Hemlock and realised you must have gone there on your own later in the fall and done the permanent course. If your running ability is fairly good, you might try going to the informal training session Dave Pruden has set for this Saturday. Though that would probably be unsuitable for beginners unable to keep up with Dave (or someone else who shows up), i.e. it could be beneficial to shadow an advanced orienteer but training solo without flags probably isn't a good idea for beginners due to the high probability of getting lost. You're presumably quite close to Sid Sachs in Springfield so if you can't wait you might be able to obtain maps of parks closer to you than Hemlook Overlook (Lake Accotink and Pohick Bay come to mind) to train in. But you probably ought to start the traditional way by coming to meets. Meets have flags in the woods, courses of varying levels of difficulty, experienced orienteers to discuss techniques and conduct post-race analysis with - everything a beginning orienteer could want! There's still a bit of a question mark over our events on Jan 11 at Combat Village and Riverbend on Jan 25 but Great Falls on Jan 18 and Greenbelt Park on Feb 8 are definitely on. Show up, have a look at the master maps and pick a course that looks suitably challenging, register, talk with whoever is on beginner instruction duty for a few minutes, run your chosen course, discuss how it went with other orienteers after you finish and, if it was easy, you might even go out and do another harder or longer course that day. Repeat at a couple more meets and then it might be time to ask someone for some one-on one coaching on the finer points of the sport. Or Diana Todd may organise some suitable training clinic in conjunction with an event - she had planned one for our meet at Bowie in December that was cancelled due to flooding.

      Happy New Year and I'll hope to see you at one of our meets (I hope the plural is justified) this month.

      Jon Torrance
      QOC Secretary

      --- CPT V <anthony.vitello@...> wrote:
      Hello all and Happy New Year to all.

      My name is Tony and I live in Springfield, VA. I have been wanting to get into orienteering for sometime now and even went out to Hemlock about two months ago and tried my hand at it, not too bad, since I am a Army CPT and I am supposed to know how to navigate with a compass. However, I am not really sure about the whole competition part or how to get involved in the sport, I have a friend, Robyn Lindstrom who does it, but she lives up in Frederick, MD so she is not really close to me to help me get going. Anyone out there willing to help a starter get started....???


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