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Re: [Quantico_Orienteering_Club] Orienteering: only 1 week to register for Squirrel Summer Series Training Sat Aug 24th 4:00 pm

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  • Patti & Mark Mace
     Hey Ted,   Please count two of us.    Entry Form: ~Patti & MM USA Deaf Orienteering  Go Orienteering! ________________________________ From: Ted Good
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 20, 2013
       Hey Ted,
      Please count two of us. 
        Entry Form:
               Name: Mark Mace
               Event: Score O’
               Post race food (Y):          Pizza Preferences: Plain cheese
               Prize Exchange: (N)
        Entry Form:
               Name: Patti Mace
               Event: Score O’
               Post race food (Y):          Pizza Preferences: Plain cheese
               Prize Exchange: (N)
      See you there.  Thanks!
      ~Patti & MM
      USA Deaf Orienteering  Go Orienteering!

      From: Ted Good <tedgood@...>
      To: Quantico_Orienteering_Club@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 9:25 PM
      Subject: [Quantico_Orienteering_Club] Orienteering: only 1 week to register for Squirrel Summer Series Training Sat Aug 24th 4:00 pm
           Only a week left to register for the Squirrel Event Summer Series.  Information is below.  If I haven’t emailed you back then I haven’t seen your registration.
      Saturday Aug  24th  2013 Summer Series:
      RSVP: email tedgood@... if you plan to attend.
            Please RSVP by 8:00 Pm Thursday Aug 22 (sooner is better as specialty supplies have to be acquired).
          Entry Form:
               Event: Score O’
               Post race food (Y/N):          Pizza Preferences:
               Prize Exchange: (Y/N)
           The Squirrel event series is in its 12th year of the summer series.  Yes, 12 long years. This years theme is “Train like a Squirrel”.
            For years and years, the Squirrel event has been a favorite among summer series participants for its numerous fun activities.  There have been rope courses, scavenger hunts, cannonball runs, basketball, foose ball, disc golf, yard work, knowledge tests, biking,….  Oh, there was also orienteering.  All this followed by the pizza party.
           All the Summer Series events this year have told you what they would focus on.  Well this event will be your opportunity to tell me what you are going to focus on.  So this is truly your training.  I have set up a score course that has controls for Hikers, Bikers, Orienteers, and Drivers.  Driving is only allowed on legal roads.  You can use one or more conveyances in your training.  You will have up to 90 minutes to get as many as you can/want.  There are ~30 controls covering more than 10K if you try for them all.
            Once again, there will be awesome prizes awarded.  Awards will be determined based on points from orienteering (1 point for each control) and other activities.  Awards are only for those that actually orienteer in the Score O.  This year I am trying something different this year for awards.  For those that want to, you can bring an award to exchange.  The award is totally optional.  If you have suitable type merchandise you want to get rid of you can bring it with the following conditions:
      1)     Only allowed to bring one item per competitor (no exceptions)
      2)     You must identify what you brought at the registration.
      3)     If no one selects your prize then you must take it home with you.  No leaving it behind.
      Location:  Home of Ted and Darcy Good (We have cats for those with allergies)
      Map Squirrel Kill   1:10,000    2 meter contours.
      Courses: Score O.
           Minimum of $5.00 but I expect more donations as you get so much more from this event: food, games, orienteering, awards, preprinted maps……  All money goes to the U.S. team.  Dig deep into those pockets.
      Critters: Yeah, we have those. Bug spray highly recommended.  While mapping I have had a few chigger bites (less than 10 with over 10 hours in the woods/fields) but I have been using lots of bug spray.  I had ticks early in the summer but none while mapping.
      Poison Ivy: In previous years there was some but I didn’t see any while setting controls.
      Bathrooms: Yes, in the House, no spikes in the house.
      Maps Pre-printed and sealed.
           The main event will be a Score O.  There are controls at different levels.  Some controls are suitable for those out for a casual hike (on roads, or cut grass), some are suitable for mountain bikes (near trails), and some are totally off trail.  I don’t care if you walk, run, ride, ski, drive (where legal)… to controls.  This is your training so points will be awarded based on the written training plan.  Plans must be turned in before the Score O start.
          There will also be a Super Streamer O.  A short streamered sprint with many controls.
           There is green briar on the map so gaiters and long O’ pants are highly recommended.
           The post orienteering food will again be ‘make your own pizza’.  We will provide the pizza.  You don’t need to bring anything unless you have special dietary needs. We will also have other foods available (foods TBD but probably chips/deserts of some sort).  Common sodas will be provided.  Bring your own alcohol.
           Those wishing to stay for post food MUST BRING a Change of CLOTHING (and use them) in order to gain access to the house.  No icky clothes in the main part of the house.  If you plan to eat you must also let us know so we can get enough food (see line on entry form).  Showers will again be available (and recommended) for competitors. 
      1500-1600: Registration open. Registration Events.  Come hang out and mingle.
      1600: Start Special Events:
      1630: Maps given out so you can plan your training.
      1630: Super Streamer O.
      1700: Score O mass Start.
      1830: Score O Course closes.
      1800-2000: Post orienteering showers and food
      2000: Award Ceremony
          The event is in Severn Md. About 1/2 way between DC and Baltimore.
         - Take the BW Parkway to Rt 175.  Go east on Rt 175 for  ~ 1.3 miles.
           Go pass the shopping center on the right. 
         - Turn left onto Disney Rd.  There is a Stop light at Disney and a CVS pharmacy on the left.
         - Go 3/4 of a mile and turn right on Frontier Rd.
         - Make the first right on Prairie Court.
         - Go to the circle part of the court.  Park along Prairie Court.  DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS.
      1713 Prairie Court
      Severn, Maryland,
      410-551-4838 (h)
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