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Orienteering: Final event of the season

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  • tdgood2
    Folks, The final orienteering event, Annual club meeting, and picnic is this Sunday. See announcement below. If anyone is not competiting and able to help pour
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
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      The final orienteering event, Annual club meeting, and picnic is
      this Sunday. See announcement below.
      If anyone is not competiting and able to help pour beverages
      during the event please let me know "tedgood@...". See you

      The Chase,
      Annual Meeting,
      and Potluck Picnic
      Location: Jug Bay
      Date: Sunday, June 3, 2007
      Meet director: Ted Good acting
      Course designer: Peggy Dickison
      Picnic coordinator: Heidi Onkst
      10:30 am Registration opens
      11:30 am Registration Closes
      11:30 am Annual Meeting
      Voting for Board members.
      12:00 Mass Start for `The Chase'
      Beverages for your selection: Beer, Soda, or Water
      Post Chase :Annual PICNIC and AWARDS CEREMONY
      1. Recognition of course setters/meet directors-- 2nd half
      of season.
      2. Club Ranking Winners .
      3. Drawings??
      4. Volunteer Award.
      QOC will provide beverages, desserts and paper goods. People
      should bring picnic foods to share. A charcoal grill will be
      available and BBQing is encouraged! There will be some chairs but you
      may want to bring one if you have it.
      Meet Notes:
      • NO PETS allowed in the park
      • Courses:
      Beginner course: 1 loop = 1.2
      Intermediate: 2 loops = 3.7 K
      Advanced: 3 loops = 6.8 K
      There are three loops; the first loop is Advanced difficulty,
      the second loop is Orange level difficulty, and the third loop is
      Easy. Green runners and above should do all three loops; Yellow
      through Brown runners should try the last two loops; and White
      runners and other beginners and visitors should enjoy the third
      loop. There will be just one mass start regardless of the
      number of loops being done. Beverage of choice (specified at
      registration) will be consumed at the start, finish, and in between
      each loop. Beverages are water, soda, and Beer. Following is allowed
      at this meet.
      At this time pre-printed maps will be provided.

      • There will be an additional $1 fee to the regular meet fee to
      cover the beverages and park usage.
      • Epunch will be used. Bring your Dibbers.
      • Note the registration times. Registration for Mass start
      will close at 11:30 sharp so don't be late. Also, don't plan on
      arriving at the last minutes as there may be lines at the
      registration table.

      MAPPER'S COMMENTS: Dave Linthicum
      The terrain is not unlike Patuxent River Park...no point is
      above 100 feet above sea level, and there are lots of flat, thick
      areas with a few nice open areas mixed in. The 1:7500 scale map field-
      checked about 9 years ago as an afterthought add-on (how's that for a
      disclaimer!) In the past few years some parts have been corrected, so
      that map quality is really irregular now! Much of the darker green
      ("thick vegetation", not "fight" has gotten much better (but which

      Rt. 4 Capital Beltway exit, head south/east on Rt. 4 for 8 miles
      (where you cross over U.S. Rt. 301), then 3 more miles south (into
      Anne Arundel County) on Rt. 4 to the "Plummer Lane" exit. Ignore
      all "Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary" signs and continue on Plummer Lane
      (which becomes Pindell Rd.) for 2.0 miles, making a hard right turn
      at 9 mailboxes. Take the paved "River Farm" road for a mile though
      the O' map terrain; after the road become dirt, look for parking in
      the field a bit before the house by Jug Bay. Start/finish at 38
      degrees, 46.49 minutes north, 76 degrees, 42.05 minutes west.
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