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New Moon in Libra

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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    New Moon in Libra Thursday, Oct 7 2010 12:44 PM MDT Libra is the sign of cooperation, harmony, balance and effective relationships, and what’s strange
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      New Moon in Libra

      Thursday, Oct 7 2010

      12:44 PM  MDT


      Libra is the sign of cooperation, harmony, balance and effective relationships, and what’s strange about this New Moon in Libra is that all the planets are paired up in nice, neat twosomes.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Libra, of course, and they are in a loose conjunction with Saturn and Mercury about seven degrees away, also in Libra. Venus and Mars are still dancing together in intense Scorpio, a little over two degrees apart.  Jupiter and Uranus, both retrograde, are less than two degrees apart in Pisces.  Neptune and Chiron are both at 26 degrees Aquarius.  And even Pluto can be said to be paired up with the North Node of the Moon in Capricorn.


      So what does all this mean?  Well, first of all, the cumulative effect suggests that this is a time for cooperation.  You may not have a partner – but what group of  people can you work with, play with, be with?  Four planets in Libra are telling you to seek out the balance and the harmony you can find in your relationships.  Mercury is telling you to use your mind to see how this can be done, and Saturn is telling you to take responsibility for finding the best ways to cooperate.  Venus and Mars are reminding you that very intense relationships are possible, if you are ready for them.  Jupiter and Uranus declare that very unusual expansion into the mystical is a possibility during this Samhain season, especially the sort of expansion you may have attempted before.  Neptune and Chiron counsel you to seek spiritual healing in a thoughtful, futuristic way.  And Pluto wants you to find the best structure for all you are attempting.


      If this all sounds smooth, orderly, and pleasant, it may not be so.  The Mars-Saturn conjunction is squaring Pluto, and something quite abrupt may happen to precipitate necessary changes.  It might not be an event.  It might be simply an awareness of some kind.  Be open to whatever might help you find the harmony and balance that Libra wants to bring you.


      Astronomically, the Moon at this time is said to have a greater than usual gravitational and electromagnetic effect on the earth, meaning higher and more powerful tides – and also a grater effect on human consciousness.  You will have the aid to make the changes that you seek.


      The Tarot card for Libra is Justice.    Be inspired by the balance of the scales that the Justice figure holds.

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