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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Jul 20, 2011
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      From the Light's perspective, the beginning and the end of any event takes place at the same instant. Every detail of the full-grown tree exists within its seed.

      For us, however, the final result of an action is mysterious at the time of its undertaking, and the way things start out can be very different from the way they end. Sometimes this works out for the best, but often even a very positive start can lead to a negative conclusion. Other times, we start out with a certain goal and the path to it leads us to a different outcome.

      So it’s not enough for the beginning of an enterprise to be good. Even with the best beginning there is no certainty of the outcome, for the distance between the start and the finish may be much greater than we imagined. Our spiritual work is to maintain our strength until the end of all our undertakings.

      This is by no means easy. As we’ve discussed, the Light sees the cause and the effect at the same instant, but we must often proceed along the path we've chosen without a clear vision of where it will lead.

      This week we can connect to an energy of certainty and courage that empowers us to meet this challenge. With this energy we can maintain our worthy intentions until the completion of everything we do; we can gain the Divine power of uniting “the end with the beginning,” for we will know that negativity will not transform and corrupt our endeavors.

      This is a truly wonderful gift and a great opportunity—and it comes with an equally important lesson. Progress along our spiritual path requires consistency and commitment until the end. Too often, we become self-satisfied and complacent in our spirituality, which can have highly destructive consequences.

      This is not the week to take it easy in our spiritual development, “to fall asleep on the job.” Every time we push through our self-imposed barriers (laziness, doubt, insecurity, hatred, apathy) we will gain the power to put this wisdom into action.

      All the best,



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