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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Jun 27, 2011
      In The Power of Kabbalah, I explain that each of us comes into this world with our tikkun (correction).  But on some level—in a parallel universe—our correction has already been perfected. Our spiritual work is to remove our klipot—the shells of negativity—so we can borrow from our perfected self.

      Rav Brandwein, my father’s teacher, explains that “borrow from” means calling upon our inner-strength and certainty to help us accomplish whatever seems impossible. Every single one of us will eventually achieve this perfection—whether it takes one incarnation or one hundred incarnations.

      Accomplishment relies on knowing we are perfect just the way we are. Of course, we should always be open to facing uncomfortable truths about ourselves and changing accordingly. But it’s important to be aware of the perfection in our lives.

      Have you ever survived a difficult period only to later realize that the whole journey worked out exactly the way it was supposed to? Kabbalists say this is because perfection is always within us. It is the spark of God.

      Many religions put God out there as an all-powerful force. But the Zohar says No, the all-powerful force that wants to give us all the fulfillment in the world is inside each one of us.

      Our goal is to live from this place. But this requires a shift in consciousness: It requires surrendering the part of us that says, for whatever reason, “I can’t do it.” It’s the part of you that thinks you are actually alone in your struggle.

      You’re not alone. You’ve got a pretty special person in there with you. It’s the “you” that likes to go the extra mile, share, and think about other people’s feelings first, and love without strings attached.

      This week, you have added support for tapping into the version of yourself that has passed every test. Use this time to make great improvements in your relationships, your work situation, your health, and every part of your life that calls out for transformation.

      All the best,


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