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594Full Moon in Sagittarius

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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Jun 13, 2011
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      Full Moon in Sagittarius

      June 15, 2011

      2:14 PM  MDT


      This is the second in this summer’s trio of eclipses, and the only solar eclipse.  The other two, on June 1 and July 1, are lunar eclipses.  Remember that an eclipse always puts an exclamation point on an Esbat, making it especially powerful.


      So – this solar eclipse and Full Moon take place in Sagittarius, perhaps the most optimistic of all the signs.  Sagittarius, at the time of this eclipse, invites you to examine, not what you’ve done wrong, but what you’ve done RIGHT.    What have you accomplished?  What have you handled well?  When have you shown grace – and maturity?  When have you been considerate of others – and when have you helped them?  Think about all the times that you have been poised and effective  -- and let what you accomplished at these times – and what made this accomplishment possible -- guide you for greater achievement in the future.


      This Full Moon offers opportunity for you to expand your consciousness in very practical ways because Neptune in Taurus is making an earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn.  Consider carefully how you can be of practical help to those around you and for your own circumstances.


      Mercury, planet of thoughtful analysis, is in close conjunction with the Sun in Gemini, the sign, ruled by Mercury, of abundant mental activity.  Mercury will help you think very carefully and completely about whatever you want to consider at the time of this Full Moon.  When Mercury goes into sensitive Cancer at 1:09 PM on Thursday, you might want to do another meditation and discover how you feel about whatever you were considering at the time of the Full Moon!


      The Tarot card for Sagittarius is Temperance, featuring the Angel of Guidance balancing him/herself on both land and water.  How and where can you find your best balance at this time?

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