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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Jun 6, 2011
      There is a saying in the Zohar: “He who makes himself great in this life diminishes himself in the life to come, and he who makes himself small in this life makes himself great in the next.”

      In other words, when we give into our selfish desires and become consumed with the physical world, we may receive the gratification we seek but it will be fleeting. Our fulfillment will be short-term, making us hungrier and less fulfilled.

      Conversely, spiritual transformation—that which is rarely seen with the eyes—is what creates lasting fulfillment. “Making ourselves small” means practicing humility and selflessness, which may seem less gratifying in the moment but provides us with long-term fulfillment—Heaven on Earth.

      This is achievable here and now. And if we want to experience it, we have to pay attention to little things. Pick up the pennies. Consider no request too small or insignificant. Especially in this month of Gemini, we’ll find it harder to do this. But if we can master paying attention to the little things this month, we’ll be better able to make ourselves small.

      So your assignment this week is to take something insignificant and make it significant. Make the seemingly small people, places, and things important.
      All the best,