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590Full Moon in Scorpio

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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    May 15, 2011

      Full Moon in Scorpio

      Tuesday, May 17 2011

      5:09 AM  MDT


      The “hinge” energy of Beltane always peaks again at the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio, so here is another opportunity when the veil is thin to make a trip to the underworld for guidance from a deep level or communication with those who have left the earth.  Underworld trip or not, the Scorpio Full Moon is certainly a time for intense investigation of whatever needs investigating.  Intense concentration in meditation can bring amazing insight at this time.


      The lineup of planets in Taurus suggests that we scrutinize our values.  In addition to the Taurean Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are all conjunct in the early degrees of Taurus.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is concerned with love and beauty.  Whatever we love or consider to be beautiful is that which we value.  Now is an excellent time to examine what it is that you love and value most.  Is whatever you love and value at this time truly worthy of your devotion?  Are there other things – or people – or ideas that are worthy of your esteem which you have not recognized as valuable?


      In addition to the four heavenly bodies in Taurus, Saturn in Libra, also ruled by Venus, brings us more influence of the Goddess of Love and asks us to consider our desires.  What is your deepest desire in life?  Saturn is retrograde in Libra, suggesting that you might want to think about desires you have had earlier in life that you may have put aside.  Mercury in Taurus can help you see how you might fulfill your deepest desire, and Mars in Taurus can help you take the necessary action.  Venus in Taurus will applaud your momentum toward fulfilling your deepest desires.


      And, of course, all this emphasis on Venus is extremely conducive to deepening all the bonds of love in your life.  How and why do you love those you love?  Appreciate your loved ones.  Tell them – and show them – that you care.


      The Tarot card for Scorpio is The Death card.  The skeleton on this card challenges you to contemplate the bones – the framework -- of your existence.  And always remember that the Sun on this card is rising, not setting.  You could experience a sunrise at this time that would herald a marvelous new beginning in your life.

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