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587Full Moon in Libra

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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Apr 15, 2011
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      Full Moon in Libra

      Sunday, April 17, 2011

      8:44 PM  MDT


      The Full Moon in Libra is a welcome balance to that rush of Aries energy from the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus.  Mars and Mercury are conjunct, which makes some precipitous action or utterance a real temptation right now.  Beware!  However, although they are not conjunct, the Full Moon is supported by Saturn in Libra, both counseling balance, harmony, cooperation, social grace, diplomacy, and good taste.  Take the Full Moon’s advice and be gentle with whatever you have to say.


      Mercury is still retrograde for another week, suggesting we continue to think things over very carefully before deciding on whatever new direction that Aries is urging.   This Libra Full Moon is an excellent opportunity for in-depth consideration of your options and opportunities.  Libra will help you find the balance and harmony within that will enable you to project balance and harmony outward to a world that certainly needs this kind of energy.


      The Tarot card for Libra is Justice.  Find the peace of your own internal justice and discover how you can live with it creatively.

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