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584New Moon in Aries

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  • chaliceseeker@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2011

      New Moon in Aries

      Sunday, April 3 2011

      8:32 AM  MDT


      New Moons always herald new beginnings, and never more so than when the New Moon is in Aries, sign of pioneering and instigation.  And what a lineup the New Moon has in Aries this year!  In addition to the Sun, the planets Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Mercury are all clustered in Aries.  Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, only two degrees away, making this an enormous opportunity for whatever new beginning you need.  Uranus and Mars invite you to take quick and unconventional action – but beware.  Think before you act.


       Mercury, which went retrograde on Wednesday, will help you with your thinking.  So instead of rushing into executing whatever bizarre impulse you feel, take some time to contemplate all your alternatives.  Mercury will be retrograde until April 23, and you might want to take the full three weeks to consider exactly what action you want to take.  Don’t lose this opportunity by a complete lack of action, however.  After thinking things over very, very carefully, find the new direction that all this Aries energy will show you.


      At the time of this New Moon, you’ll have additional aid for balancing your alternatives from Saturn in Libra, which is exactly opposing the Sun-Moon conjunction – and which is also retrograde.  Saturn invites you to think about the harmony and balance of your life and where you can best find it as you respond to Aries’ invitation to make a new beginning.


      To further complicate matters, another huge astrological change is happening on Monday.  Neptune is moving into its home sign of inspirational Pisces, where it hasn’t been since 1847-1861.  Humanity was inspired by all sorts of activities and discoveries during this period: the California Gold Rush; the invitation to Mormonism by Brigham Young; Darwin ’s theory of evolution; the first commercial oil well; the beginning of oceanography; The Communist Manifesto; and the South’s succession from the United States .  Remember that Neptune beckons us into dreamland, and that dream may – or may not – be divinely inspired.  Here is another excellent reason to take full advantage of the Mercury retrograde to meditate, contemplate, and think things over very, very carefully.  You may feel a great many intuitive urgings, but make sure you check them out as carefully as you can.  Look for verification in the physical world, as well as verification from your guides.


      The Tarot card for Aries is The Emperor.  The Emperor is holding the world in his hand – but notice how carefully he is scrutinizing it!

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