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    KUTUB (ßõÊõÈñ) = BOOKS/SCRIPTURES (kaf, ta , ba ) Fiha kutubun qayyimah 98:3 Containing correct scriptures ÝöíåóÇ ßõÊõÈñ ÞóíøöãóÉñ
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2008

      (kaf, ta', ba')

      Fiha kutubun qayyimah

      98:3  Containing correct scriptures

      فِيهَا كُتُبٌ قَيِّمَةٌ



      ATHARNA (أَثَرْنَ ) = THEY STIMULATE*
      (hamzah on alif, tha', ra', nun)
      (hamzah on the alif, tha', alif, ra')

      *This is conjugated in the female plural. Non-human plurals in Arabic ( e.g. books, steeds, dogs, etc.) are conjugated using the female singular or, less commonly but as in this ayah, in the female plural. This verb is to stimulate something, in this case, to stimulate or provoke dust. To stimulate dust then as in this case is to raise it up, thus the translation below.

      100:4 Fa atharna bihi naq`an

      And raise the dust in clouds the while

      فَأَثَرْنَ بِهِ نَقْعًا


      Alahumma infa`ni bima `allamtani wa `allamni ma yanfa`uni!

      OH ALLAH! Make useful for me what You taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me!

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