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on QED Records: Switchboard of Souls - Don't Bother Me - Remixes

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  • Lionel Valdellon
    Artist: Switchboard Of Souls | Album: Don t Bother Me – Remixes | Catalog Number: [qd-4257] When *Switchboard Of Souls* sings: “Don’t bother me, just
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2009
      Artist: Switchboard Of Souls | Album: Don't Bother Me � Remixes | Catalog
      Number: [qd-4257]

      When *Switchboard Of Souls* sings: �Don�t bother me, just leave us alone,
      don�t you know that we�re all just as human,� he sounds the anthem of the
      alienated and the disenfranchised. It�s a simple enough tune, but the
      variations do bring new viewpoints to the plate.

      The first two original 8-minute-plus tracks utilize a driving darkwave synth
      with guitars and vocals reminiscent of early New Order, but subsequent
      versions range from electro 808 State-like arrangements (Common Prayer Mix),
      to industrial stylings (BlenderMix), to sinister downtempo (Hands & Feet
      Mix), to 90s pop remix (InstrumentalMix), to new age piano (Sonata), to a
      combo of everything on the 2 reprises.

      Total runtime: 47:10
      10 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

      DOWNLOAD album as a single zip file with VBR
      (File size:65 MB)


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      Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon
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