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Emorej's debut General Electronica on Q.E.D.

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  • lionel zivan valdellon
    QED Records announces its sixth MP3 release, all 11 tracks of Emorej s debut album General Electronica. Download it now.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3 6:38 AM
      QED Records announces its sixth MP3 release, all 11
      tracks of Emorej's debut album "General Electronica."
      Download it now.

      Artist: Emorej
      Album: General Electronica
      Catalog Number: QD-4205
      Format: MP3 format, 128kbps 44.1kHz, 11 tracks

      Description: Philippine sample utilizer EMOREJ pits
      breakbeats, downtempo shuffles and vocal samples
      against one another in order to concoct strong
      beat-oriented work of the thumping kind. From moody
      atmospheres to raucous breaks, General Electronica,
      his debut album, is a strong outing from a sample
      enthusiast set loose on the world.

      Release date: August 3, 2004

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      About QED:
      QED Records is a Philippines-based netlabel offering
      free singles, EPs, and full-length albums of
      electronic and experimental music.

      Lionel Valdellon
      QED Records
      Marikina, Philippines

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