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Electronica for Valentines!

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  • lionel zivan valdellon
    Latest 3 MP3 releases on QED RECORDS: just in time for ... [QD-4219] : BRANK : your path is a strange and difficult one (EP) Brank s your path is a strange
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2005
      Latest 3 MP3 releases on QED RECORDS: just in time for

      [QD-4219] : BRANK : your path is a strange and
      difficult one (EP)

      Brank's "your path is a strange and difficult one" is
      a fun, playful electropop romp in a playground made of
      insulated wires and silicon chip flowers. At times
      harmonc, and at times all too discordant, this
      synthesized pop music is created specifically for your
      world of play and rest. This 11-minute, 3-song EP
      covers 2 moods: frenetic energy and slow
      introspection, and manages to insert life into plastic

      Keywords: electropop. synthpop, electro, more playful
      than a robot puppy / sadder than a hard drive with bad



      [QD-4220] : SWITCHBOARD OF SOULS : eko-lo-kashen

      Switchboard Of Souls is the brainchild of Christopher
      Quintos, a Fresno CA- based electronic musician who
      stirs darkwave and industrial music into a frothy mix
      of 80s new wave and gothic synthesizertunes. The
      6-song, 42 minute album "eko-lo-kashen" is a moody,
      gothic collection of undulating darkness and pop
      brilliance, modern machine noise and antiseptic
      vocals, past and present. All that is old is new
      again, this time with more feeling.

      Keywords: Created in a completely Depeche Mode, more
      clanninsh than Clan Of Xymox, more joyful than Joy



      [QD-4221] : ACID42 : The Kids' Ballet Suite (EP)

      In 2004, Lionel Valdellon (Acid42) was contracted to
      produce some cheerful ethnic tunes for a childrens'
      ballet recital based on the concept: Filipino
      children's games. The tenth Perry Sevidal Ballet
      Recital was held on June 3, 2004 at the Cultural
      Center Of the Philippines and 3 of these 5 tunes were
      used in fun dance numbers involving cans, slippers,
      jumpropes, and even karate. The entire 5 song suite is
      presented here as an EP.

      Keywords: joyful synthpop and ethnotronica, kid-safe
      and fun-tastic like milk-based breakfast cereals, or
      betelnut chew.


      Check it out and don't be shy!

      Download till your ears bleed!

      lionel valdellon:acid42
      QED RECORDS, Philippines

      QED records is a non profit netlabel based in the
      Philippines, offering the best independent Philippine
      electronica for free download.

      Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon
      electronic music, arrangements
      web:>> http://acid42.bluechronicles.net
      netlabel:>> http://qed.acid42.bluechronicles.net
      email:>> acid42(at)yahoo.com

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