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On QED: Nyko Maca +Playground, and EM One

Happy new year from QED Records. Aside from a new URL (http://qed.valdellon.com) we have all-new material awaiting your discerning ears. Download away! Dancing
Lionel Valdellon
Jan 14, 2010

(no subject)

Dec 13, 2009

on QED Records: Switchboard of Souls - Don't Bother Me - Remixes

Artist: Switchboard Of Souls | Album: Don't Bother Me – Remixes | Catalog Number: [qd-4257] When *Switchboard Of Souls* sings: “Don’t bother me, just
Lionel Valdellon
Sep 23, 2009

QED Records releases: the dnb of aLJar3d's "Delayed Summertide"

Proud to announce the latest release on QED Records. aLJar3d's "Delayed Summertide": [qd-4256] It's mature future jazz, and quirky drum ‘n’ bass
Lionel Valdellon
Sep 19, 2009

QED Records releases three A's: arthaus, Araknidus and aLJar3d

Artist: arthaus* Release: Going Places | (qd-4254) Sometimes all that’s needed to get to places you’ve never seen is a sountrack consisting of abstract
Lionel Valdellon
Mar 19, 2009

New QED release + contest: The Unit - The Love I Have

Fresh new single from QED RECORDS: Welcome to a fine 6-minute urban exploration using drum 'n' bass and suave textures. *The Unit's "The Love I Have" *delivers
Lionel Valdellon
Sep 6, 2008

QED Records interviews: Silverfilter

QED Records interviews: Silverfilter *Email interview with Silverfilter . September 4,
Lionel Valdellon
Sep 4, 2008

ElectronicaManila mp3 Compilation online now on QED

[QD-4249]: Various Artists : Basics: The ElectronicaManila General MIDI Project
Lionel Valdellon
Apr 19, 2008

latest from QED Records> Evo Evolver's Neon City

The latest QED Records release celebrating the Easter resurrection of everyone's favorite little netlabel of Philippine electronica: [QD-4248]: Evo Evolver
Lionel Valdellon
Apr 4, 2008

QED's Easter Tuesday release: Bleedingboy Soundtrack's emotronica

More Easter-influenced electronic music from the Philippines! In this latest release from QED Records, listen to some sad ambient tunes from a master of
Lionel Valdellon
Mar 25, 2008

Easter release from QED records: Demolee's World in Slow Motion

With Easter Sunday upon us, there is resurrection in the air. QED Records, the Philippines' only netlabel of electronica music, is proud to bring you an EP of
Lionel Valdellon
Mar 21, 2008

netlabel hit> Frerk by My First Trumpet

Tender, delicate gossamer wings of melody spin out of acoustic trumpet and acoustic guitar, made more solid by tendrils of ring-modulated effects, and
Lionel Valdellon
Jul 26, 2007

Latest from QED> Acid42 : Nykto soundtrack

Artist: Acid42 (with Emorej + Bleedingboy Soundtrack) Album: NYKTO original soundtrack Catalogue number: [qd-4245] QED RECORDS Nykto by Acid42, is a series of
Lionel Valdellon
Jul 25, 2007

latest from QED: Cocolulu, Acid42, Evo Evolver

[QD-4244] : Cocolulu : 8-Bit Love Cocolulu (Mark Redito) makes geeky synthpop at its best. And *8-Bit
Lionel Valdellon
Jun 15, 2007

latest from QED: Acid42 - LOGUE

So, after several months of sitting on this release, and editing and tweaking parameters, I released my latest EP of music on QED RECORDS, consisting of 3
Lionel Valdellon
May 28, 2007
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