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15Happy New QED!

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  • lionel zivan valdellon
    Jan 18, 2005
      Happy new year to all! If you like electronic music,
      there are three new releases on QED RECORDS, the
      Philippines' only electronica netlabel, this January,
      all available for free download:

      Moon Fear Moon: Farsight
      6 abstract, plastic IDM tunes by Moon Fear Moon (John
      Sobrepena), which despite its machinelike origin and
      process of creation, exudes a soothing warmth which
      points to a human originator.

      Porta: Porta
      An alluring mixture of funky, Bono Vox-like vocals,
      Jon Spencer Blues explosive guitars and rockin´┐Ż
      drumloops by guitarist/vocalist Raymund Golamco (of
      Drip) and sample manipulator Emorej.

      David Chen: Down With The New
      This is electronica/jazz fusion for the schizophrenic,
      at times lush and at times jagged, composed and
      insanely programmed by David Chen.

      ::QED RECORDS::

      QED Records is a non profit netlabel based in the
      Philippines, offering the best independent electronica
      created by Filipinos, for free download.

      Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon
      electronic music, arrangements
      web:>> http://acid42.bluechronicles.net
      netlabel:>> http://qed.acid42.bluechronicles.net
      email:>> acid42(at)yahoo.com

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