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124 new releases from QED RECORDS, Philippines

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  • lionel zivan valdellon
    Nov 3, 2004
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      As a celebration of the month when it's actually not
      frowned upon to wear weird costumes in the streets
      with fake blood all over you, QED RECORDS presents its
      biggest offering of music ever. FOUR AMAZING RELEASES
      of Philippine electronica and downtempo brought to you
      all at once. Made possible by our recent shift to
      Archive.org's fantastic hosting service.

      qd-4210: First Degree (industrial digitalia) 2
      qd-4211: Morse (moody epic downtempo) 12 tracks
      qd-4212: Partikl (chilled drum n' bass) 1 track
      qd-4213: E:Trinity feat. Sheerin Castillo (vocal house
      and R&B) 3 tracks

      All available as free downloadable MP3s on QED RECORDS

      + + +

      About QED Records:
      QED Records is a non profit netlabel based in the
      Philippines, offering the best independent Philippine
      electronica for free download.

      QED Records
      Marikina, Philippines

      Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon
      electronic music, arrangements
      web:>> http://acid42.bluechronicles.net
      netlabel:>> http://qed.acid42.bluechronicles.net
      email:>> acid42(at)yahoo.com

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