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What is an Ezine? Part 1

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  • Terri Seymour
    Article Title: What is an Ezine? Part 1 Author Name: Terri Seymour Contact Email Address: ter02@newnorth.net Word Count: 620 Category: Ezine publishing
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      Article Title: What is an Ezine? Part 1
      Author Name: Terri Seymour
      Contact Email Address: ter02@...
      Word Count: 620
      Category: Ezine publishing
      Copyright Date: 1-08-02
      Internet Address: http://www.websuccesscentral.com/articles.html
      Autoresponder Address: whatezine1@...
      Special Requirements For Reprint: This article may be
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      What is an Ezine? Part 1
      Copyright 2002 Terri Seymour

      I have been on the Internet for 3 years and have been
      asked this question numerous times. I also did not
      know what an ezine was when I first came aboard. I
      will attempt with this article to explain what an ezine
      is and why it is so important for your online business.

      First of all, an ezine is an electronic newsletter sent
      out by email at intervals of your choice to a list of
      subscribers. The ezine can deal with many subjects
      depending on what your business deals with. There
      are ezines on how to publish an ezine, how to run an
      online business, how to build websites, decorating
      your home and so on.

      Ezines can and should contain lots of helpful information
      and resources for your subscribers. You also want to
      reserve room for a few paid ads, but to no overdo with
      the ads. I would say from three to five ads is plenty.
      There are also solo mailing ads which are mailed out
      as a separate mailing. Usually one or two of these a
      week is sufficient. These are the most popular of ads
      amongst advertisers.

      Ezines are very important to your business because they
      allow you to keep in contact with your potential customers
      and advertisers. Providing a good ezine with effective
      content can also build your credibility and also your
      reputation. Along with good content you can also
      promote your products and services. In essence, the
      ezine is the lifeline between your prospects and your

      Publishing an ezine is not as hard as you might think.
      The first thing you might want to do is design the
      template. Take a look at this example:

      Always keep a template saved on disk and on your
      computer for easy use. Each issue of your ezine can
      then be fitted into the template saving you LOTS of
      time. Keep all general information such as subscribe
      information, title and publisher, privacy policy and
      so on in the template at all times to save more time.

      When you first start your ezine you can choose to
      manage the list yourself, use a free list manager such
      as Yahoogroups or Topica, purchase list manager
      software or use a paid list management service. I
      personally recommend starting out with a free service
      such as Yahoogroups. I started with them when it
      was still Onelist a few years ago and have never had
      any serious problems. They inform you when a person
      subscribes or unsubscribes, distribute your ezine to
      your entire list, send out a welcome and goodbye
      message of your choice and more. If you would like
      to have a look visit http://www.yahoogroups.com

      Finding a list manager and designing your template
      are just the beginning steps. In Part 2, I will explain
      ways of promoting your ezine and how to get subscribers
      for FREE. I know when I first started Web Success, I
      was on a zero budget and through experience learned
      how to build my business for free. That is one of
      the wonders of the Internet. You can start, build and
      run your own business for very little capital.

      What it does take is commitment, time, work and
      passion for what you are doing. Although the road
      may be long, the journey is an experience I would
      not want to miss!

      Join me next week in Part 2 for promoting your
      ezine and building your subscriber base.

      Terri Seymour helps people start or build their online
      business by providing resources, tools, guidance and
      more. You can contact her at mailto:ter02@...
      or visit http://www.websuccesscentral.com Subscribe to
      Web Success mailto:web-success-subscribe@egroups.com
      Download her new ebook loaded with updated resources,
      tips, links, and information.


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