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The Little Tree on the Hillside

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    This article may be freely published so long as the author s Bylines and resource box remain intact. Title: The Little Tree on the Hillside Author: Fran Hafey,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002
      This article may be freely published so long as the author's
      Bylines and resource box remain intact.

      Title: The Little Tree on the Hillside
      Author: Fran Hafey, Reiki II Practioner, Spiritual Consultant
      E-Mail: Mystifh@...
      Please send me a note and link if you publish. Thanks!
      Copyright: Mystickblue (c) 2002 All rights reserved.
      Word Count: 751

      The Little Tree on the Hillside

      Once upon a time there was a little tree on a hillside. There
      were other trees not very far away, just along the forests edge.
      The little tree grew straight and each year the farmer would trim
      its branches back, along with all the other trees and tell them
      how beautiful they were.

      One year the farmer who had grown old, went away, and the trees
      were not visited as much and they didn't have their branches
      trimmed. This made them sad, but they were very proud to still be
      on the hillside.

      One day they noticed a new family had moved into the house down
      in the valley that they overlooked.

      The little tree saw a little girl with her dog running and
      playing in the yard in the summer breeze. The little girl and
      her dog ran up the hill to the very top and they looked down. The
      little girl said "oh my what a beautiful view of the valley."
      Excited she turned and noticed the little tree standing there
      alone and said "I will trim your branches and make you beautiful

      This made the little tree very happy.

      When the cool north winds came, the little girl didn't come to
      visit as much, but a man did. He walked up the hillside and
      looked down into the valley. He looked at the trees and said. "I
      will cut these trees down, they block my view of the sun and they
      would make good firewood." The little tree shook with fear and
      was once again, very sad. He loved looking down into the valley
      and he missed the little girl and her dog.

      The man returned with an ax in his hand. But the little girl was
      chasing behind him. "Please daddy" she cried. "Please don't cut
      down my tree! "The man turned and saw his little girl crying and
      he said "but the tree blocks my view and it just stands here all
      alone and it's not even a very big tree at all." Just then it
      started to snow, so the man said he would come back tomorrow. He
      picked up the little girl and headed down the hillside.

      That night, Christmas Eve night, as the little girl and her dog
      slept, the man sat by the fire. He watched the flames pop and
      dance as he was mesmerized and taken back in time, when he was a
      boy. He too had loved the trees and loved the holiday snow. He
      remembered back, many years gone by, the trees and how beautiful
      they were. His father had taught him to love all living things
      and to cherish them.

      When his father died and then later also his wife, he was left
      alone with his little girl. He had somehow lost that love he had
      for nature and the beauty of all things. He lost many things, and
      with this memory he shed a tear. He sat by the fire for a long
      time that night.

      The next morning the little girl awoke to a quiet empty house.
      There was no tree, no decorations, no candy canes or doggy treats
      waiting for her and her dog. The little girl felt very sad.

      Just then she heard a sound outside and she ran to look out the
      window. She could hardly believe her eyes, when she gazed up on
      the hillside and she saw all the sparkling lights and decorations
      all glowing upon those trees and there was her father waving to
      her, with a big smile on his face. Something she hadn't seen for
      a long time. She grabbed her boots and coat and headed for the

      She ran up the hill with dog in tow, with her cheeks glowing rosy
      red. Her father raised her high in his arms and lifted her to
      place a star on the little tree, there on the hillside.

      The little tree was shaking, but this time, not from fear, but
      with joy and happiness!

      Some say they heard a voice on the wind whistling through the
      forest that Christmas morning. It was the voice of love. The
      father vowed to never forget, ever again, the love that he had
      once held in his heart. He would hold it close, but live his life
      for the family he had, now. He promised to do his part, to love
      all living things and to always take care of the little tree on
      the hillside.

      About the Author

      Fran Hafey is a Reiki II Practioner,Writer, Spiritual
      Counselor and teacher. She provides guidance and inspiration
      via her Website, groups and newsletter on the World Wide Web.
      To read more of her articles visit the Author's
      Website: http://Mystickblue.com or at
      She's currently working on publishing her own books about love,
      inspiration, magic and nature stories for Children of all ages.

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