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Re: ID Beacon?

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  • stevenstimpson
    ... so ... Hi Folks, Hi Charles. Sorry to drag this old post up, and I hope I read all the replies correctly, and did not jump in halfway through the thread,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 2, 2006
      --- In Q15X25@yahoogroups.com, "Charles Brabham" <n5pvl@...> wrote:
      > --- In Q15X25@yahoogroups.com, kd4e <kd4e@v...> wrote:
      > >
      > > There is a new band use proposal before the FCC from the
      > > ARRL.
      > >
      > > I'd like to see a mandatory requirement for all digital
      > > modes, including proprietary modes like Pactor III, to
      > > embed non-proprietary ID beacons in their protocols.
      > >
      > > That way anyone with commonly available gear and
      > > software may know who is transmitting.
      > >
      > > Can this be done?
      > >
      > I certainly can be done, but convincing the SCS corporation to do
      > would be a tall order.
      > Charles, N5PVL

      Hi Folks, Hi Charles. Sorry to drag this old post up, and I hope
      I read all the replies correctly, and did not jump in halfway
      through the thread, but here goes. (I am using the WEB-Interface).
      I also JUST joined the group.

      All SCS Controllers (Please don't call them modems, that is the term
      the IDI-Yachts use because they actually perceive it as such) Have,
      as default, a CWID set. It uses MYCALL and has a default of 20
      WPM. AIRMAIL, the Client program, which is sort of half-FBB bbs
      and half-outlook express, goes out of it's way to put the controller
      into pactor 1 UNPROTO mode when it sends the callsign at the end
      of the transmission. It also does not ID every odd number of
      minutes, it only id's at the end. If left alone, the controller
      will emit a 20 WPM CW id every 7 minutes, allowing the remote
      station to retry until it is done sending it's CWID. It will then
      wait for the next sync ACK to continue on.

      This modified behavior, along with the fact that FBB compression
      is used despite the fact that pseudo-markov compression is ALREADY
      built into the controller, along with the fact that the outdated
      pactor2 protocol has not been released for general consumption
      even for the purposes of SWL'ing (SCS themselves said that
      hams should not be monitoring other hams e-mail) leaves a lot
      of questions to be answered.

      And before it comes up and and affects my credibility on this
      topic, YES, I am a winlinker. on eighty meters. early in
      the morning. at 500hz pactor2, and on 14.105.2 USB pactor3,
      which is THE flagship station of winlink.

      This is the Q15X25 group, and I have gone off on a tangient
      about winlink, and I apologize, but there were a few posts which I
      felt would be better read with some additional info.

      On topic, has anyone else had the problem of extremely low
      AVERAGE output power with Q15? I can not seem to nudge
      more than 5 watts out of my poor jupiter, even with the ALC
      lit. I would like to experiment with Q15 in UNPROTO mode
      using RADIOMIRROR.

      Best 73 folks,
      Steven N1OHX

      P.S. My controller always sends a clear CWID at the end of every
      winlink session. (Classic) I also noticed a few posts that had a
      of "Q15x25 digest blah blah blah" And saw that this thread
      had continued there. I also noticed a few MBO operators there,
      saying some outrageous things. Again I apologize, and now that I
      see there are MBO operators here on the list keeping tabs on the
      AX.25 crowd I wonder how my winlink experience from this point on
      will be?

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