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Re: [Q15X25] Monitoring 20m for activity - 14.109 0100Z 17-Sep-03

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  • Tomi Manninen
    ... It is, and that s why my text is a bit unclear. Anyway I said Click on the config in the tree view above. Exactly what you did, click on the Q15X25 ...
    Message 1 of 16 , Sep 19, 2003
      On Fri, 2003-09-19 at 05:38, Karl Larsen wrote:

      > > In 'soundmodemconfig' add a new configuration (file->new->
      > > configuration). Give it any name you want, eg. Q15X25. Click on the
      > > config in the tree view. PTT driver is the only setting you should
      > > need to touch in the "IO" tab. In "Channel access" tab TxDelay and
      > > TxTail are ignored (when using the newqpsk modem, however see below),
      > > SlotTime and P-Persistence have their usual meaning and you may want
      > > to tweak them.

      > > Now add a channel (file->new->channel).

      > OK got what you have now Tomi but you can't do it like you did.
      > You MUST click on the Q15X25 and THEN click File and you then have a
      > choice to choose a channel....gads it's hard to put in words.

      It is, and that's why my text is a bit unclear. Anyway I said "Click on
      the config in the tree view" above. Exactly what you did, "click on the

      Anyway, _DON'T_ create two channels! Remove Channel 1 and configure
      Channel 0. Otherwise you will run into unnecessary problems later.

      > For ipaddr/netmask/broadcast I recommend starting
      > > with some private address block not in other use in your box. Something
      > > like Later you can change
      > > it to something real like a valid amprnet address.
      > >
      > I'm going to have to change your numbers Tomi. They interfer
      > with my ethernet card and my Internet dies!

      That's why I said "not in other use in your box"...

      > sm[8702]: ioctl: SIOCSIFNAME: File exists (17)
      > sm[8702]: mkiss: cannot set ifname to sm0, using ax0 (old kernel
      > version?)
      > sm[8702]: mkiss: ifname ax0 mtu 256 hwaddr K5DI-1 ipaddr

      This might be caused by the two channels above, I'm not sure. Anyway
      like I said in a private email, this error is not fatal.

      Tomi Manninen / OH2BNS / KP20ME04
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