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  • Charles Brabham
    Jul 1, 2012
      I have used it as a QSO mode on HF, and have done file transfers on VHF with it. The folks who first experimented with Q15x25 were swapping image files on 15 meters, if memory serves.

      Using MixW's virtual KISS mode, I used it as a Q15x25 KISS TNC for a bulletin board program. Some experiments were done by a the SkipNet Packet BBS forwarding group on 17 meters with Q15x25, where we found that it was just not robust enough, did not handle noise or interference well. In some situations, the 300 baud Packet was faster, and it consistently would link up when Q15x25 would not.

      I think that if we had scaled the modem down to the minimum 1000 baud, with less PSK streams that it might have worked out better on HF... The modem is scalable and could easily be adjusted, but I never could organise a second test.

      I had my best success with Q15x25 on VHF, over the repeater system by using a full one second TXDelay.

      Also, Flex32's soundmodem driver is the same modem but on its modem list, it is called NewQPSK. - Same dll - if I understand correctly.

      I used Flex32's digi function to create a 1.2kb Packet - Q15x25 mode gateway that worked quite well.

      I regret that 10 streams was the minimum, as it seems to me that a four or perhaps five stream modem would be much more robust.

      73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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      Hi Charles... I just joined this group. While poking around I found references to a Q15X25 mode and have installed it in my MixW. Now I am looking around for someone to try to use it with. I guess I will have to do some data mining here to locate frequencies. I am wondering if this is a qso mode or do they just use it to transfer files and email and such?

      73 de w8nsi/nnn0uzw jim

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      > Anybody still around?
      > What's up? How are you doing?
      > 73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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