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498Re: TCP/IP over Q15X25 (Soundmodem newqpsk)

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  • David
    Jun 26, 2012
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      Hello Blue,

      Sorry for the delay (I'm a new Q15X25 member) and I hope you're still on the list! Anyway, if you search in the archives in this list, you'd find http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Q15X25/message/367 where it shows that using this "newpsk" should be pretty strait forward if you've been able to use soundmodem for say 1200BAUD AFSK.

      If you'd like to try this out on HF, we can setup a sched and see
      if we can get things working! I've not personally tried NewPSK yet but I think it would fun to try. I have tried 300B HF packet on the 105 Net and the lack of any FEC really tries my patience with all the retries!

      I can't answer your other questions (I've emailed Thomas Sailer in the post without any reply) but I do know that Tomi Manninen who wrote this component for soundmodem has been around in recent times.

      Finally, for a terminal, it's hard to beat Linpac for KISS-based packet communications. In fact, Radek recently made me an administrator of the SF.net project and I hope to officially add a
      few patches, etc.


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