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497TCP/IP over Q15X25 (Soundmodem newqpsk)

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  • aquaratza
    Feb 25, 2012
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      I realise this list hasn't been touched in ages, but I thought I'd ask my question anyway :

      I recently travelled to a remote area where the only form of communication with the outside world was satellite phone and HF radio. I figured it'd be quite cool to be able to access network resources at home via a data link on HF.

      My questions are :

      How feasible is it to run TCP/IP telnet sessions over Q15X25 on HF using the "newqpsk" implementation in Soundmodem (half duplex/one channel) ?

      The newqpsk protocol seems to happily run at 2500 and 5000 bits per seconds... can it run at other bitrates ? how many separate carriers/tones are transmitted for 5kbit/sec ?

      Why are the carriers separated by 125Hz gaps ?

      Soundmodem has several options, namely Interleave, FEC, Tune length, etc... what does Interleave mean ?

      Does anyone have any idea how I could make a linux terminal available on HF through Soundmodem+newqpsk ? Could I create a KISS interface and then attach a Linux terminal to it ?

      Thanks in advance :)
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