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4927.035Mhz USB Q15X25 VK4AKP-1 PBBS Kam XL Please leave Test MSG.

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  • Ken
    Jun 29, 2007
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      Hi Guys!

      Well, I'm very pleased to say that I'm testing Q15X25 NewQpsk on my
      Kam XL currently.

      Kantronics have given me some Beta firmware to test.

      (Please don't bug Kantronics for the firmware yet it's no where near

      Anyhow. If someone would like to try and connect to my station and
      leave a quick test message I'd apreciate it.

      PBBS: vk4akp-1
      Freq: 7.035 Mhz USB
      Mode: Q15X25
      Baud: 2500
      FEC: 5
      Interleave: 8

      Ken - vk4akp
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