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  • Ken
    Jan 5, 2007
      Hi Karel!

      As far as I can work out Q15X25 is supported within MixW and AGWPE
      (AGW Packet Engine) for windows. You might want to try AGW as there is
      some very good support for the TPC/IP side of things within AGW.

      There are also Linux drivers available for Q15X25 as you already know.

      There is also some talk of running it at a slower baudrate to fit
      better within the radio's filters. 2300 baud has been suggested.

      If anyone else can help Karel, please please do so. I don't know if
      you guys are aware of this but Karel is working on some very important
      research into helping 3rd world countries with low cost digital
      communication's methods. See [http://www.IICD.org ] IICD - The
      International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).

      Ken - VK4AKP

      --- In Q15X25@yahoogroups.com, karel fassotte <karelfassotte@...> wrote:
      > Hello my name is karel fassotte, PE2KFA / HC1AKP. We are looking for
      people that have more experience with the Q15X25 IP gateway to
      intranet, internet.
      > As to now we have 2 programs that should do the job.
      > The Mixw part that allows packet, Q15x25. However this mode is
      poorly supported under windows. Information is not easy to obtain.Ip
      we cant get routing, or better no traffic.
      > The other is Linux NEWQPSK. In Linux by the way, the ax25
      protocoll, so with the QPSK, is very well Integrated. However we have
      a problem with interfacing the multimode packet modem under Linux. Has
      anyone information on or experience with this specific problem??
      > Greetings karel fassotte
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