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479Re: Kantronics, Kam XL

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  • kd4e
    Oct 12, 2006
      > Jose A. Amador wrote:
      > Could I suggest that PAX/PAX2 be considered as candidate
      > modems formats?

      There is no point to either -- they are costly proprietary
      formats -- contrary to good sense and Ham tradition.

      Many manufacturers have tried the proprietary mode
      idea and all have failed. Kantronics among them,
      more recently joined by Alinco, Kenwood, and Icom's
      competing VHF/UHF digital and linking schemes.

      Ham radio needs a non-proprietary foundation same
      as in the Internet realm, e.g. IEEE 802.11 and others.

      We need a robust format that is 100% non-proprietary:

      1. All of the code is published and anyone is
      allowed to base apps on it.

      2. No exclusive source hardware requirement.

      3. Cross-OS platform compatible -- Apple, Linux, and MS.

      Only then will we have something likely to earn the
      support of the majority of digital mode Ham ops and
      only then can we move into the digital mode future
      working together vs divided and making inefficient
      use of fragmented development resources.


      Thanks! & 73,
      doc, KD4E
      ... somewhere in FL
      URL: bibleseven (dot) com
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