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475Re: Kantronics, Kam XL

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  • Ken
    Oct 8, 2006
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      Hi guys, sorry it's been a while since I checked this group.

      Here's a bit of an update.

      From what I have heard the mode works fine. The only reason it doesn't
      have better support (YET) is that there are no simple hardware
      platforms available for it. This is why I was hoping to see Kantronics
      include the mode in their Kam XL. After all the XL bosts DSP
      technology and is the only TNC I know of currently on the market

      It is disapointing to say the least that years later nothing has been
      done to offer more modern DSP modes in this TNC, after all it is it's
      main claim to fame. Flash upgradable with the latest modes etc etc.

      Currently I receive no replies from Kantronics when emailing them
      about this. It has been over a year now since they first started
      development on the mode for their TNC.

      My current info from the grape vine is that they don't have a lot of
      interest in supporting the Amateur market for their product as money
      is more forthcomming from the commercial sector.

      This in it's self is very sad and bad news for us.

      So what does the future hold?

      I myself am currently looking at using USB sound card dongles chained
      off a dedicated PC. Power usage is of course going to be horrific and
      exactly the path I didn't want to go down as it will exclude such
      setups on hilltops etc where power is usually provided by solar
      panels. But what can you do. A TNC solution at present is going no where.

      Long term, there is no reason why a developers group couldn't look at
      a alternative open source image for the Kam XL. While Kantronics do
      not seem interested in making their code open source. I can't see any
      reason why if a group started from scratch on their own version an
      alternative could be developed that supports not only Q15X25 packet
      but all the other packet modes and speeds currently so sadly missing
      from the XL. This sort of thing has been done for everything from the
      TinyTrack to DVD recorders. Where the original designers have let the
      consumer down, people have picked up the torch and turned a great yet
      lacking device into a killer product by getting together with other
      like minded users and writing their own firmware.

      So if anyone is interested in this and has programming ability. Please
      contact me vk4akp@... and perhaps we can start a developers
      group to do just this.

      In the mean time all my Kam XL's will go back into moth balls and I
      guess I will start to go down the USB sound card trail.

      Keep in mind that until a newer mode is invented, other then 1200 baud
      PSK, Q15X25 is currently the only other option available to anyone
      wanting to run packet on HF at a higher baudrate then the traditional
      300 Baud. I have also heard of people running G3RUH at 4800 baud on
      21Mhz. But once again, I don't know of any current TNC technology
      available to do this.

      As I've pointed out to Kantronics, what they really need is for the
      packet mode to be an independant setting to the baud rate. That way
      the device is far more flexable for things like HF and Satelite work.
      Once again, I won't hold my breath.

      Anyhow, I'd be interested to hear who's QRV in this mode and on what
      frequencies etc currently.

      Ken - VK4AKP

      --- In Q15X25@yahoogroups.com, "Scott Thile \(K4SET\)" <k4set@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > This mode never really worked all that well, and from what I can
      tell has
      > more of less died. We only see occasional posts here. Maybe one of two a
      > month asking what's up....
      > Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I doubt it will be worth developing
      on the
      > XL as it is simply not viable in its current state of development on any
      > platform.
      > Great idea, just didn't pan out and as far as I know, the developers
      in it
      > have lost interest. I think there is potential, but that is all
      there is at
      > this point.
      > 73 and 75, Scott, K4SET
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      > >
      > >The Kam XL is a DSP TNC. The Tech at Kantronics tells me that
      > >it would be possible! The next step is to try and get the
      > >author to contact Kantronics and give permission for it's use.
      > >
      > >They also query wether the mode is too wide to be allowd in the US?
      > >
      > >Please everyone, help to make this happen!
      > >
      > >THis would mean many HF Gateways using the Kam XL's (Very
      > >popular) would become available. Q15X25 would become most
      > >popular and common place on HF!
      > >
      > >Regards,
      > >Ken.
      > >.-.-.
      > >
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