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233Re: New guy questions

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  • Charles Brabham
    May 11, 2003
      Thanks, Tomi!

      I experimented with FlexNet and 300 baud HF packet five years or so
      ago. As you would expect, FlexNet was too aggressive, not backing off
      on MAXFRAME and PACLEN enough for reliable HF packet.

      The FlexNet system would be great for 300 baud packet, but I think it
      would involve rewriting the FlexNet kernal. I'm not sure you could do
      it with just a driver.

      I uploaded a jpeg of a VHF multicast network here, in the PICTURES
      section.... I'd like to try something like that, but on a larger, HF

      It seems to me that multicast and Newqpsk were made for each other,
      addressing each other's drawbacks quite well. I'll see what I can do
      with it, and keep the group posted.

      The multicast software I have expects a KISS TNC, which means I'll
      have to use FlexNet's KISS driver in order for it to talk to FlexNet,
      which means that most of FlexNet's control over the link will be
      eliminated. It is my hope that this will allow me to digi the
      multicasts through Flex32 to Newqpsk without too much interference
      from the Flex32 kernal.

      The multicast software will have to be modified to include a digi
      field in the multicast packet header. If Flex32 has a 256 PACLEN
      limit, the multicast software will have to be modified for the
      smaller PACLEN and lose some efficiency. I'll avoid that if at all

      That's the theory I'm working on, anyway. It may be that I am overly
      optimistic, but I suppose that is better than the alternative!

      There is an article about VHF multicast in the "Library" section at
      the web address below, and a tutorial on the RadioMirror multicast
      software in the "Tutorials" section.

      There's a new tutorial on Flex32 with the soundmodem in there too.

      Thanks again!

      Charles, N5PVL
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