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232Re: [Q15X25] New guy questions

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  • Tomi Manninen
    May 11 5:50 AM
      On Sun, 11 May 2003, Charles Brabham wrote:

      > I'm also interested in the earlier version, Newqpsk, that is included
      > in Thomas Sailer's "soundmodem" driver for Flex32. I've noticed that
      > Newqpsk is not as advanced as Q15x25, but the easy gateway between
      > Packet and Newqpsk that Flex32 makes possible makes it very
      > attractive.

      They are both exactly the same. They are actually built from exactly the
      same source code. So the features and performance are the same also.

      > Also: I've noticed that the MixW version of Q15x25 is limited to a
      > PACLEN of 256. - But the Flex32 Newqpsk has no provision in its setup
      > screens for PACLEN at all. I have a multicast application in mind
      > that requires a PACLEN of 1000... Does anyone here know how the
      > Flex32 version of Newqpsk handles PACLEN?

      The newqpsk/q15x25 modem should not limit the PACLEN in any way. The
      possible limitations come from the AX.25 protocol stack used. In MixW, the
      internal protocol stack seems to limit it to 256. For FlexNet32 I don't
      know if there is a limitation.

      Anyway the FlexNet32 protocol stack gives the user very limited control on
      the channel parameters (like paclen, frack, txdelay etc...). It has
      complex algorithms to calculate those parameters automatically based on
      the channel usage pattern. I'm not sure if those algorithms work well on
      HF or with q15x25 altogether...

      Unless there is a way to tweak these parameters your self (I'm not a
      FlexNet32 guru so I cannot say for sure) this may be a problem for those
      wishing to use FlexNet32 for q15x25 on HF.

      > One thing that I am wondering about is how Q15x25 behaves for file
      > transfers, etc... I'm thinking that if it drops characters or gets
      > garbage characters,

      It's an AX.25 mode. AX.25 (in connected mode) will guarantee 100% error
      free connection (or nothing if the channel is too bad).

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