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  • Mark Miller
    Dec 16, 2002
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      I joined the Q15X25 group.

      The method I came up with for zerobeating was to go to PSK and set the center freq for 1KHz.  Then I use the tune transmitter function to send a 1KHz tone (dial freq + 1KHz).  The other station also uses PSK and sets the audio for 1KHz, then tunes the rig until the round phase shift indicator shows either straight  up or down.  This method worked real good locally, but you do have to have a fairly strong signal for this to work.

      I do adjust the freq of my rig from time to time using my HP 5329A freq counter which has an external HP GPS disciplined oscillator attached to it for a reference.  But of course the other guy has to be doing something similar.

      I'll watch for you guys this afternoon on 20M.

      Mark N5RFX

      At 11:01 12/16/02 -0500, Russ Tower wrote:
      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your response.
      Regarding zero beating one another, all I could do was to wait and watch for enough signal from Dave, N7MJW,  to come in so that I could get it perfectly centered in the waterfall when visible. I found that we were initially off by 50 cycles and correcting for that made all the difference.
      Regarding skeds, I will try to be be on 14.103 LSB from about 20:00 UTC today (Monday) until the band closes. I think that Dave will be on this evening too, after he gets home from work.
      I am usually unavailable from 20:00 UTC on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but can most likely arrange to be on for a sked at times other than these evenings. I also plan to monitor 14.103 LSB in general during the times I can be here in the shack.
      I will look for you on 14.103 LSB from 20:00 UTC on this Monday if that is suitable, Mark.
      Arcadia, FL

      -------Original Message-------
      From: Mark Miller
      Date: Monday, December 16, 2002 15:34:19 PM
      To: Russ Tower; oh2bns@sral.fi
      Cc: Michael Brown 1; Paul Gregg; Sam Baine
      Subject: Re: Q15X25
      Hi Russ,

      I have done some testing too and I agree with your assessment of being on
      frequency. How did you guys zero beat to each other? I also know that
      audio level is critical. I would like to try again, so if you guys are
      going to set up a sked let me know.


      Mark N5RFX

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