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Re: Meaning of Numbers

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  • Pablo Daniel Sender
    Hello everybody I m Pablo from Argentina and I m new in this group. I don t known much about Pythagoras doctrine but I hope I ll learn here about it. As to
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 10, 2007
      Hello everybody

      I'm Pablo from Argentina and I'm new in this group. I don't known
      much about Pythagoras' doctrine but I hope I'll learn here about it.
      As to the One, some phylosophies postulate that there is a "One
      without second" and "The One" or the "First Cause". The One without
      second is the All, inmanifested, omnipresent, the Absolute. We could
      call it the Zero or Ain Soph, if we want. It is the Space within
      which everything takes place. The One as the First Cause is not
      Absolute, but is in the relative universe and is the parent of the
      rest of the numbers.
      Is it the same in Pythagoras doctrine?
      All the best

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      > > > I believe this current topic is instrisic in
      > > > re-unifying science and religion.
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      > > > Best~
      > > > Laurie
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      > > The Subject of NoThing, Immarteriality, Spirituality, is more
      > > important to the Individual than he or she can even imagine.
      > >
      > >
      > Two, the Duality of One is not Irrational, merely complicated.
      > The Rationality of Two, the Duality of One, is very simple to
      > There are actually two Ones, Two Singularities, there is the One
      > that is One, has numerical value, material worth, is relative, has
      > substance, shape, form, One that is not without number, One that
      > material in Nature.
      > Then there is the One that is a Real Whole number which is without
      > numerical value, a Singularity that has no material worth, exists
      > without meaning, without form, shape, substance, is symbolic of,
      > relative to NoThing, a Singularity that is without number, is of
      > unknown or countless number; vast in number, One that is not One,
      > a Singularity that does not exist in the Material Since of the
      > Word, that is immaterial, Spiritual, in Nature, Pie in the Sky,
      > the Holy Grail------> O
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