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Re: [RE][Pythagorean-L] Ancient Sacred Divinatory Plant and Sound Entrainment

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  • Rae
    OKay. His name is Donald Adams, but his friends and followers started calling him Doc Starz. He started out in Computing Science and i m not sure what all his
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      His name is Donald Adams, but his friends and followers started calling him Doc Starz.

      He started out in Computing Science and i'm not sure what all his credentials are, but he is an independant scientist.. so he's experimented alot and has rubbed shoulders with all sorts of cats in the areas of alternative/ fringe science, mathematics and health.

      We both live in Canada, Alberta. I don't like giving too much away on the internet away about myself or others I know.
      He's got a yahoo group with around 4000 members and a facebook group too. his main website is http://www.thesoundofstars.org

      The whole reason I was talking about his work was to mention the frequencies that I know about, which are the Altered States ones.
      But he makes hundreds of frequencies that entrain the mind and body into various states of healing, spirituality, offsetting negative emotions and energy, etc. It's not just some new age fluff either, their is a solid science backing up his researchthat spanned over 10 years.
      He has the proof all over his website from results worldwide with his work.

      Anyway there have been some amazing reports from the users of the free downloads n the yahoo group that I have been volunteering with to gain experiental reports for him

      There are a bunch of recent Altered States and Salvia experiential reports for proof if you'd to take a look at them.

      There are some amazing stories!


      (Tony's report, near the bottom of the page, is really strange and kinda funny!)

      There's also some more reports on people's experiences with the 'Altered States' tracks that the same scientist has developed.. here


      Here are some examples:

      "englishvinal" Profound effects happening...Monday, October 26, 2009 11:26

      Dear Group: Everything from a floating sensation to imbedded memories from 60 years ago flooding in, in "living colors".. smells, sounds of long departed voices that were as real as if ... well as if it were REAL~!!! -Nancy

      (This next one is my favorite account, the whole story is on this page:

      http://www.spiralstarz.com/salviasummaryreportsrecent.htm )

      "....I suddenly encountered the same intelligence I meet while doing Salvia last year. Hearing this music Something expressed that the music and the intelliegence of the Plant were able to create a position fusion of expression.. The Intelliegence I had seen a year ago was a Being which appeared hovering at my bedroom door.. It had a small face and was a combination of bright colors IT enegaged me in a converastion and sound like a little child, yet not a human child.. ....."

      And there's plenty more..

      The yahoo group you can easily join ...Where you are given the download from a link in the group.. and if you post your experience there like these people did.. you get two more full tracks to download and use too... the developer actually sends them to your own e-mail personally for your efforts in posting to the group.

      Thanks for you diligence


      --- In Pythagorean-L@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Rizzardo" <le_regard@...> wrote:
      > Even so, if you were to GIVE HIS NAME, and WHERE HE'S FROM, instead of calling him "the scientist", and saying he's from "your hometown" without saying where that is... it would seem a lot less suspicious. And what kind of scientist is he? Does he have a degree? Does he work for a university? Or a laboratory? Does he have a website? Does he do anything OTHER than music that's supposed to get you high?
      > I'm not opposed to anyone researching entheogens, or listening to experimental music. I'm just saying that you present yourself in a way that makes it *extremely* hard to take you seriously. Names and details, please.
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