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1041Pythagorean esotericism

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  • Bill Meegan
    Feb 6, 2011
      Hello, I am a new member and I joined to learn as much as possible
      about Pythagorean esotericism; however I am not so sure if what Pythagoreans understood as esotericism is how I understand it. I assume it is the same but I can not be certain.

      I have been researching esotericism in ancient literature for 36-years
      and I even discovered a 10 x 10 matrix, which I traced back to Pythagoras. I found it in a reproduction Thomas Taylor's 19th century work in the form of the multiplication tables up to ten. The mere fact that he had the matrix then is an indication that he was aware of its more subtle variations and interpretations. There is no doubt he built his theorems based upon it.

      I initially discovered the matrix in Dante Alighieri's (1365-1321) La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy) and later found this same matrix was used to fresco the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and build the Great Pyramid and structure the Ziggurats of Babylon and the Chinese I Ching.

      I am not a mathematician nor have any great knowledge in mathematics but I did find some very sophisticated mathematical patterns and geometrical graphic images codified esoterically into antiquity's literature, artworks and monuments of antiquity.

      Has anyone any information concerning such codification of mathematical data in ancient literature? Or has anyone any knowledge concerning this 10 x 10 matrix?

      Bill Meegan
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