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[PulseDiagnosis] The Hypothalamus & San Jiao

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  • Patricia Jordan
    Hello Ed; Within my own studies and cases I had asked my TCM professor, Dr. Xie if the Triple Heater was not the same as the HPA Axis
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      Hello Ed;
      Within my own studies and cases I had asked my TCM professor, Dr. Xie if the Triple Heater was not the same as the HPA Axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis) that the organ was not exactly physical since the effects of hormones (endocrine system which is regulated in the hypothalamus) are physical (biochemical) but not substantial physical mass like the organs. That the Chinese organs also incorporate the hormones, messengers, electrical charge and the effects they have on the more material tissue organs. That qi could be the flow of electron charge........a result of life and energy.
      It is interesting that the only nervous tissue germ layer derivative in the endocrine system is the medulla of the adrenal gland and I think it is here that the effectors of psycho/neuro/endocrine/immuno cross over point allow acupuncture to effect change on so many levels by balancing.
      I wonder if Are Thoreson could comment on this relationship and the explanation?

      Sincerely, Patricia Jordan DVM,CVA,CTCVM & Herbology


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      Subject: [PulseDiagnosis] The Hypothalamus & San Jiao

      The homeostasis of the internal environment is primarily regulated by the hypothalamus. When one speaks of homeostasis, one has to speak of the hypothalamus. So there would have to be a connection between the hypothalamus and the Seed meridians, San Jiao and Pericardium.

      The hypothalamus is traversed by the San Jiao channel and the divergent channel of Pericardium. San Jiao transports primordial Yuan-Qi through the homeostatic concentrations of the interstitial fluids. This is exactly what the hypothalamus does through its regulations of hormone concentrations in the blood plasma and
      interstitial fluids.

      In six-element theory the hypothalamus is the corresponding organ to the San Jiao channel. The hypothalamus has exactly the same functions as San Jiao.

      It is important that the hypothalamus be recognized as a major organ in Chinese medicine. Modern physiology has revealed that the hypothalamus is at the center of many health problems, like migraine headaches, depression, anorexia and obesity.
      This is an excerpt from the book... Creating Life: Six Elements and The Spherical Meridian Flow

    • mystir
       Hi. You have to remember that the extraordinary organs of the brain, uterus, prostate (gate), spinal cord, and the part of kidney function is to nourish and
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         Hi. You have to remember that the extraordinary organs of the brain, uterus, prostate (gate), spinal cord, and the part of kidney function is to nourish and flow the Pure Yang. In embryology, adrenalin gland type tissue is progressively created all along the major nerve trunks. They respond and repeat adrenalin production and excitation beyond the adrenals, to all over the body, emenating from basic nerve plexus, but not entirely.
         We are wired for excitement.
         Anybody have a formula for excess bile production? It makes this person sick, they can feel the heat, and the channels overflow and upsurge. Maybe it's a 'natural'  change thing, but there a lot of distressing other displays; like tiredness, insomnia, good appetite but unable to handle much food. I tried some lower liver yang, and cool the stomach channel herbs, but, only so-so success. More info if you want to help. Thanks  

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        Subject: Re: [PulseDiagnosis] Re: from the brain to sperm production
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        Just to be clear Ed, their are many causes of Oligospermia (low sperm count/concentration), including pre-testicular (hypoth/pituitary);testicular(chryptorchidism, varicoceles);post-testicular(retrograde ejaculation) and genetic (Y-Chromosome Microdeletions) being just a few examples.

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        Subject: [PulseDiagnosis] Re: from the brain to sperm production


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        > Hi Ed: > Would you consider the hypothalamus as part of the brain and the curious organs, if yes then the Chinese did give it a special place in their medicine. >
        > regards,
        > david

        Hi David,
        Let me respond to most of your questions and comments in this one post.
        For me, the brain is closely related to the Bladder, which governs accumulation of information about the internal and external environment. In the spherical flow, Bladder supports San Jiao by providing information to be regulated and acted upon.(see page 144)

        I have never seen the He Tu diagram. Tell us about it.

        You bring up lots of good questions. When you put together all the answers to your questions, battle-test them in some debates, rework them and you will have a book to publish. I can show you how.
        Surely, my work on the spherical flow is incomplete but I am happy with that. Why? Because it means work for others. And that means economic growth in the field of acupuncture.

        You know, Innovation leads to job creation. The spherical meridian flow is an innovation. It can create jobs in the acupuncture field. It has potential to create new books, new workshops, new articles, new teaching positions, new types of acupuncturists, new products using computer analysis of pulses, and new research in general. Imagine if you add six-element acupuncture with the spherical flow to your practice and you are able to clearly define the benefits of that to your community. This gives you an advantage in the market place.

        You have to excuse me, this is the practical economist side of me coming out.

        Are you saying that the curved line in the Yin-Yang symbol doesn´t just differentiate the polarity of Yin & Yang, but also created their polarity?

        David, You say:
        "Have you presented your variations of front mu, back shu, source points of the Hypothalamus? Are they different than those points for the SJ and Pc?
        My reply:
        They are the same points with some clarifications in interpretation. I did not present those points. I cut that chapter from the book. I actually cut 4 chapters.

        You say:
        "If the points actually don´t do what has been said about them for 2,000 years, have practitioners been doing wrong treatments? When people use SJ 5 to release the exterior or SJ 4 for reducing excesses how is this influencing the Hypothalamus and all its functions?"
        My reply:
        Six-element theory still uses the same points, but how, why and when those points are used can be different.
        and then realize that the hypothalamus controls the core & peripheral body temperatures as well as the temperature of the blood. So to use SJ5 to release the exterior is right on. And since the hypothalamus maintains homeostasis, it must regulate excesses. So using SJ4 for reducing excesses is right on.

        How you connect SJ4 to other points will direct the regulation of the hypothalamus to the body system in question.
        For example, if a man is not producing enough sperm (hypothalamus also controls gamete production), you can combine SJ4 with any Foot-Yin meridian point based on your diagnosis. (maybe SJ4 with Lv3 to stabilize sexual energies). Add a Foot-Yang meridian point to aid in the accumulation and storage of the sperm. Add other points as you see fit. And remember that it takes 2-3 months to produce mature sperm.

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