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Re: peculiar pulse findings

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  • WMorris116@AOL.COM
    Jeff Which wrist and position does this event take? The radial aspect of the pulse may
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2001

      <<an echo in a more radial position than where the actual pulse

      Which wrist and position does this event take? The radial aspect of the pulse
      may indicate issues in the lateral or flank regions depending on the burner.
      Also, Wang Shuhe assigns the Cun, Guan and Chi positions to the Tai Yang,
      Yang Ming, and Shao Yang respectively.   

      <<This echo is usually weaker and also seems to come and go.>>
      The quality gives the impression of deficiency, particularly that of Qi.  

      <<2) Am I supposed to try to determine the qualities of this echo or is it
      merely a non-important artifact?>> It is possible that it is unimportant.
      However, every signal coming through is a response to a stimulus of some sort
      be it structural or functional.

      <<3) If not an artifact, is it common to any particular condition?>>  
      One key to unraveling odd sensations is quality = process and location =

      <<There seems no rhyme or reason as to when it shows up in terms of my own
      differentiation of the patient.  I've felt it maybe 4-5 times in the past
      year.>> It is likely there is/are reason/s the event takes place and it is
      extremely fruitful for your pulse diagnosis skills to find out if it is so.
      And....do this for yourself, don't listen to people who tell you it isn't
      important, they may have issues about not having an answer. If you find in
      the process of inquiry it is insignificant, so be it. At least you know for

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