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Re: Religious or Spiritual Problem is a new diagnostic category

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  • sppdestiny
    ... -forms of distress ... Lonny I like Ken Wilbers statement, Psychotherapists are the pimps of ignorance. The only real spiritual dilemma is the ego s
    Message 1 of 100 , Sep 1, 2008
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      --- In PulseDiagnosis@yahoogroups.com, Luke Terry
      <evolution.intent@...> wrote:
      > impetus for the proposal came from transpersonal clinicians whose
      > initial focus was on spiritual emergencies-
      -forms of distress
      > associated with spiritual practices and experiences.

      Lonny" I like Ken Wilbers statement, "Psychotherapists are the pimps
      of ignorance."

      The only real spiritual dilemma is the ego's objection to having
      more integrity and having to live up to what has been seen beyond ego
      and in the realm of spirit. Psychotherapy deals only in the world of
      ego......the goal is to try and help the ego feel better about itself
      and it's cynicism. The main psychotherapeutic dilemma seems to rest in
      asking the question, "How do I feel about doing the right thing?
      Shouldn't doing the right thing always feel good? I'll do the right
      thing when I feel better about it. Please help me feel better about
      not doing the right thing."
      A few of us CM practitioners have been trying to help people
      with their neurotic notion that psychotherapy is a form of
      spirituality for years ,and it makes sense that the APA would
      eventually counter. Could any field be less qualified to deal with
      spiritual issues than psychotherapy?
    • Chris Macie
      John, All I know comes from the passages in Unschuld s History of M in C (or maybe some from the seminar with him at Korngold s place in N. Calif. several
      Message 100 of 100 , Oct 28, 2008
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        All I know comes from the passages in Unschuld's "History of M in C" (or
        maybe some from the seminar with him at Korngold's place in N. Calif.
        several Summers ago?) noting that several different scheme were
        circulating around in pre-Han times, with various numbers of various
        components, and in various flavors of metaphor / interpretation.

        And the tidbits from Gil Milner and recent Buddhist articles on Tibetan
        schemes (as expounded here earlier).

        It makes my head swim, actually – elements or phases or agents? Same /
        different as Buddhist, Brahmin, Tibetan, Native America (who had the
        same "6 directions"), Greek (,Worseley)? Virtually unanswerable
        questions (aside from interpretive fantasies).

        Maybe Brandon Horne has a handle on this stuff. He's a principle in
        Kathy White's American University of Complementary Medicine and one of
        the earliest PhD candidates in Jeffery's PhD program there. Last I
        heard, he was into a dissertation on "finally having figured out the
        WuXing", which must be finished by now. (Several notable dissertations
        have been completed there, and forth coming as books.) He has a website,
        called Herbalroom.com, I think.

        Chris Macie
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