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Pulse Diagnosis Workshop with Celia Dermont

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  • paigelyn67
    (Ad posting approved by Will Morris) AN INVITATION TO JOURNY WITHIN… Chinese Pulse Diagnosis with Celia Dermont, LAc. It is the spirit of compassion and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2005
      (Ad posting approved by Will Morris)


      Chinese Pulse Diagnosis with Celia Dermont, LAc.

      It is the spirit of compassion and kindness towards self and others that we gather
      a small group of students to enter into a transformational space of learning. During the
      course of this 3 module program, we will delve within, while enhancing our perception of
      another being. Above all else, we will be listening to and learning from the Heart.

      This class is open to all levels of students and practitioners. In the first weekend the basic
      vocabulary used by Leon Hammer is taught and discussed in relationship to the pulse
      positions. The theories formulated by John Shen and Leon Hammer are also explored, as is
      the layout of Leon Hammer's text book. Emphasis is placed on calibrating the student's
      tactile skills and orienting them to the map of the pulse positions.

      The second and third weekends are clinically based. Each weekend at least one pulse
      model will join us and the students will practice an initial pulse intake (approx. 30 min).
      This pulse assessment is then carefully interpreted, diagnosis formed, and herbal
      prescription recommended. This process leads the class through an incredibly intricate
      and accurate experience of the potential of pulse diagnosis in the clinical setting.

      This master class can transform your ability to interpret the history of your patients and
      will lead to deeper rapport and compassion with your patients, and therefore to clearer
      and more successful treatments.

      Oct 29 & 30, Dec. 3 & 4, Jan 14 & 15 - 9:30 to 5:30 each day

      Oct 29 & 30, Dec 3 & 4 Emperor's College - Jan 14 & 15 TBD

      Students…… $600 LAc…….$750 PENDING CEU APPROVAL

      Please note that the course of study includes 3 weekends (a total of 6 days training). This
      means one group moves through the material together. Therefore, once the class has
      begun, there can be no refunds. This is necessary to protect the integrity of the class for
      all students, as enrollment is limited to only 12 students at a time.

      TEXT BOOK:
      CHINESE PULSE DIAGNOSIS by Leon Hammer (approx. $80)

      or for more information contact:
      Paige Olsen 310-924-1016 paigelyn67@...
      Star Urmston 310-384-2111

      Celia Dermont has practiced the pulse method of John Shen and Leon Hammer since 1995.
      Celia has practiced Chinese medical nutrition and Tui Na since 1981. Her study of Shing Yi
      with Sifu Kenny Gong commenced in 1989. As she says, "self-cultivation is the corner
      stone of healing". She often incorporates Shing Yi into her teaching to align the mind and
      body of her students so that the material can be received fully. She has been a dedicated
      faculty member and clinic supervisor at both Emperor's College and Yo San University. She
      is a cultivated and refined teacher with a deep knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Managing
      an herbal pharmacy for eight years transformed her love of the herbs into true
      understanding. She is a Diplomat of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics and is
      currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in the Chinese Medical Classics with Jeffery
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