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Re: xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin maternity blues syndrome in the postpartum period

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  • Phil Rogers
    Hi Will & All, My notes on Kyuki-chouketsu-in (from WWW) are: Quhe 3mei, Hongdazao 3mei, Yimucao 3qian, Baizhu 3qian, Danggui 3qian, Qianjiang (/Shengjiang)
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2005
      Hi Will & All,

      My notes on Kyuki-chouketsu-in (from WWW) are: Quhe 3mei, Hongdazao 3mei, Yimucao 3qian, Baizhu 3qian, Danggui 3qian, Qianjiang (/Shengjiang) 0.5mei, Fuling 2qian, Chuanxiong 2qian, Gancao 1qian, Chenpi 2qian, Shudihuang 3qian, Mudanpi 2qian, Xiangfu 2qian, Wuyao 2qian; serve warm before meal; Aid postpartum recovery+uterus resolution; Xu + weakness & anaemia  w Qi Stas+Xue Stas postpartum; Calm Shen / Stabilise psyche postpartum; prevent maternity blues; postpartum Qi Xu+Xue Xu + Qi Stas+Xue Stas;

      Is Quhe the same as Quheheizao? is this = Quheheizao? or Quhehongzao?

      What is its correct Latin Name and translation for Quhe? ?Opposite Kernel of Date  Persimmon? 

      Will wrote:
      > The pulse is thin, can be thready, choppy, weak, changing intensity or
      > volume. The formula Xionggui Tiaoxue Yin contains Danggui, Shudi,
      > Chuanxiong, Baizhu, Fuling, Gancao, Dazao, Shengjiang, Xiangfu,
      > Chenpi, Wuyao, Yimucao, Mudanpi. 1: Am J Chin Med. 2005;33(1):117-26.
      > Efficacy of the kampo medicine xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin
      > (kyuki-chouketsu-in), a traditional herbal medicine, in the treatment
      > of maternity blues syndrome in the postpartum period. Ushiroyama T,
      > Sakuma K, Ueki M. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osaka
      > Medical College Takatsuki, Osaka 568- 8686, Japan.
      > gyn003@...-med.ac.jp This study was to evaluate the clinical
      > efficacy of Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin (Kyuki-chouketsu-in), a Japanese
      > traditional herbal medicine, in stabilizing postpartum psychological
      > state. We enrolled 268 women who had a normal delivery in Osaka
      > Medical College Hospital or its affiliated clinics and randomly
      > assigned them to the following two groups: a group of 134 women who
      > received Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) at a dose of 6.0
      > g/day and another group of 134 women without Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin
      > (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) (control group). We observed 2.06-fold and
      > 1.67-fold higher incidences of depressive mood and nervousness,
      > respectively, after delivery in the control group than in the
      > Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) group. Within 3 weeks of
      > postpartum, there was a significant difference in the incidences of
      > maternity blues between the Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin
      > (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) group (15.7%; 21/134) and the control group
      > (32.1%; 43/134) (p = 0.0195). No adverse effects were observed in this
      > study. The results of this study demonstrate the beneficial clinical
      > effects of Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) in stabilizing
      > psychological state in the postpartum period. Xiong-gui-tiao-xue-yin
      > (Kyuki-chouketsu-in) can be expected to improve the mental health of
      > women in the postpartum period and prevent maternity blues. PMID:
      > 15844839 [PubMed - in process]

      Best regards,
      Phil Rogers MRCVS
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