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6418Re: [PulseDiagnosis] Super-Sekrit Lumbar Treatment

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  • Igor Simonov
    Apr 8, 2014
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      Hi Stephen, it would be wonderful idea to have formula for each disease or dysfunction, unfortunately or fortunately it is a myth and such prescriptions don't exist
      You know that acupuncture works different way
      18 century during popularization of herbal treatments acupuncture has taken new approach to use prescription points, which many use now
      Acupuncture is not a herbal therapy, so you need better approach
      Acupuncture started with pulse, so yin yang theories were developed with that. 
      Acupuncture pulse diagnosis is the direct prescription of points in particular time, as pulse indicates you which yin or yang meridians are open for particular patient, how his qi flows upwards or downwards, from yin to yang or viceversa. You use only pulse indications so it works ALWAYS
      Why it works always? Because pulse follows changes of earth rotation around the sun and how Chinese were saying qi flow. So pulse indicates you how to use this global huge force to restore patients balance without you even thinking how.
      Use acupuncture pulse diagnosis and become much better then best in town
      For some info you may check www.pulsediagnosticum.com
      Best Regards
      On Wednesday, 9 April 2014 5:24 AM, "bluegreendragon9@..." <bluegreendragon9@...> wrote:
      Stephen of Body Architects in Charleston, here (this board never seems to keep my info when I post). I treat a lot of people with low back pain, with a combo of the classic Deadman points, Richard Tan stuff, and (I think) Amaro points from acupuncture today.com, done with electro, along with some deep tissue work and ART. Pretty good results, but I'd still like better. 
         I had a colleague here in town, who said that one of her teachers gifted her with a never-fail set of points for lumbar pain, that would make her the most popular practitioner in town. No surprise, she didn't want to share. So, who's
      got a killer secret low back pain protocol?! 

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