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6417Super-Sekrit Lumbar Treatment

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  • rasqual9
    Apr 7, 2014
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      Stephen of Body Architects in Charleston, here (this board never seems to keep my info when I post). I treat a lot of people with low back pain, with a combo of the classic Deadman points, Richard Tan stuff, and (I think) Amaro points from acupuncture today.com, done with electro, along with some deep tissue work and ART. Pretty good results, but I'd still like better. 
         I had a colleague here in town, who said that one of her teachers gifted her with a never-fail set of points for lumbar pain, that would make her the most popular practitioner in town. No surprise, she didn't want to share. So, who's
      got a killer secret low back pain protocol?! 
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