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6405Qi Gong Zhan Zhuang

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  • meifeng30
    Mar 23, 2014
        Qi Gong Zhan Zhuang (Stand like a tree)
                                                                            by Feng Mei    10/06/2010

                Practice Zhan Zhuang can increase your energy to a higher level. In Chinese traditional Qi Gong, Zhan Zhuang is very important step for student study. There are many secret gist of Zhan Zhuang for student learn. The mainly important gist shows below:
               First, relax whole body's muscles.
               Second, be quiet and empty your mind.
               Third, vertical your spine, make your Pc8 and Ren17 as a energy triangle.
               Fourth, use the points Li4 to cover the points Lv3 to promote body Qi & Blood Cycle.
               Fifth, meditate the earth water energy from Kd1 go up to Gb21, the energy like spring water out of shoulders.
               Sixth, meditate the Sky fire energy from Du20 down to Ren1, the energy like sun light warm your body.
               Seventh, slightly bend your knees, make Sp10 and Ren6 become a energy triangle, very steady, this can make you feel not tired on your legs.
               Eighth, slightly half close your eyes and look 45 degrees down to the earth, this can make you feel not dizziness or unsteady.
               Ninth, meditation on Ren4, nature breath fresh air, more comfortable more good.
               Tenth, if you sit on a chair to practice Qi Gong, will be the same gist, practice time better is 5-15 minutes.