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6394One finger meditation Qi Gong for Alzheimer's disease

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  • meifeng30
    Mar 14, 2014
      Alzheimer's disease has three stages: light, middle and heavy. Alzheimer's disease translate to TCM patterns such as: heart blood deficiency, kidney Jing deficiency, phlegm dampness stagnation, Qi and blood stagnation, liver fire disturb heart Shen. Different pattern should use different treatment principle. For example: heart blood deficiency, its treatment principle is tonify blood, sooth heart meridian Qi(Qi can active blood). The spleen and stomach function is mainly build body Qi and blood, so tonify spleen and stomach Qi is very important. The Shao Lin one finger meditation Qi Gong has the finger bending meditation routine: horse standing bend knees, Sp10 and Ren4 make a triangle energy field, so we can begin use the bend down middle fingers 1 times meditation on Pc6 and Lv3, bend up index fingers 5 times meditation on Li4 and St36, bend up small fingers 3 times mediation on Si3 and Ub62, Bend down thumbs 1 times meditation on Lu7 and Sp6. Each fingers bending 1 minutes, after bending fingers go on standing 5 minutes finish Qi Gong. This routine is good for tonify heart blood strong spleen stomach energy functions. May help the light stage of heart blood deficiency pattern of Alzheimer's disease. For more heavy Alzheimer's disease patient may lie down do the Qi Gong instead horse standing. More detail of how to do Shao Lin internal power one finger meditation Qi Gong: http://www.latcmwellnesscenter.com/321.html
      Feng Mei
      MSOM, L.Ac.