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6389New Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin

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  • meifeng30
    Feb 26, 2014
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       New Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin

                       By Feng Mei, 02/06/2014

      1,Open the lifegate: the lifegate is Du4 open to up direction(inside spine to brain direction)

      Rub hands till very hot, and massage lower back Ub23 49 times to

      open the life gate(Du4).


      2,Open the Jia Ji Guan, Jia Ji Guan is the Qi difficult pass through on the spine location which is in Du9 area.

      Turn shoulder(s)total 36 times.


      3,Open the neck spine to pass the Qi go into brain:

      Turn neck spine left side and right side total 24 times.


      4,Cover ears don't let the Qi go out of head and make Qi nourish and clean brain:

      Close ears hold back of head, deep breath 9 times,

      then use index fingers slightly knock Du17 area 24 times.


      5, Close eyes inner look back of head lead the Qi from Du17 to

      Du26,27(upper gum), use tongue receive the Qi and then stirs mouth

      three times and knock teech 36 times, shake mouth fluid full of

      saliva, taste it, if phlemg, sticky, salty, sour, spicy or bitter, should spit out, if it is pure liquid(bio-medicine) should swallow it down to stomach Dantian the Container same level at Ren4 area. If without liquid, just use hands rise up hold fists inhale sky fire energy and exhale lead the fire Qi down to Dantian cook the container second time.


      Hold fists deep breath, meditation fire Qi down (exhale) to

      Ren meridian down enter Ren8(belly button) and down inside

      to Ren4 level warm up lower Dantian the container to cook the Dan.

      7, hold fists on knees meditation on lower Dantian a while,

      Repeat 1-7 three times.

      8, Finish: stretch body


      Hold both hands push sky 9 times, then straight knees

      and use hands try to touch feet.Both hands cover on Ren4 a while and finish.

      Comment: the new Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin Qi circle is just begin from Du4 up to Du20 and down to Ren8 inside to Ren 4 level the Dantian container finish, and go out to Du4 up again for second times, the Qi should not go under hip, so there is nothing worry about the urination and bowel movement Qi go up to brain cause run fire.