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[Pujue]10/11/11- (普觉电子报)

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  • [DPD WMD] Karamen Chia
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      Those wise ones who are devoted to meditation and who delight in the calm of renunciation- such mindful ones, Supreme Buddhas, even the gods hold dear. (Dhammapada v181)

      智者投入禅修中,乐於出离之寂静(即涅��)。持有正念正觉者,甚至天神也敬爱。(法句经 181)


      活动/课程 [更多]
      Aug.03,2011 �C 佛学课程 2011 第三学期
      Aug.11,2011- 本寺导览 13/11
      Nov.13,2011 �C 健康素食基础
      Nov.28,2011- 法界圣凡冥阳两利水陆普度大斋胜会 (28/11 �C 5/12)
      Dec.06,2011 �C 绘本制作
      Dec.11,2011 �C 素食烹饪
      Oct.19,2011- 托钵及斋僧仪式(01/01/12)

      Events/courses [More]
      Sep.01,2011 �C English Buddhism Course Sutra Study Module 3
      Sep.04,2011 �C English Buddhism Course Year2 Module3
      Sep.05,2011 �C English Buddhism Course Year 1 Module3
      Nov.12 & 13,2011 �C Guided Temple Tour
      Nov.13,2011 �C Y-Lifestyle (Wellness Thru Healthy Weight Management)
      Nov.13,2011 �C Vegetarian Basics
      Nov.15,2011 �C Morning Yoga
      Nov.15,2011 �C Lunch-time Yoga (Sun Salutations)
      Nov.15,2011 �C How yoga helps in mental and physical balance?
      Nov.20 & 27, 2011 -Y-Cultivation (Road map to perfection )
      Nov.24, 2011 -Y-Talk (Networking skills for  first career entrants )
      Nov.2011- Jun.2012 -Y-Arts & Culture (Feel the beat-Zen Drumming)
      Nov.26,2011 �C Children’s Art
      Nov.27,2011 �C TAIJI �C Beginners
      Nov.29,2011 �C Gentle Yoga
      Dec.06,2011 �C Creative Storybook Making
      Dec.11,2011 �C Vegetarian Cooking
      Dec.22,2011 �C Morning Yoga
      Dec.22,2011 �C Lunch-time Yoga (Sun Salutations)
      Dec.28,2011 �C Yoga for General
      Feb- Jun.2012 -Y-Arts & Culture (Hit the street- Street Dancing)

      讯息与通告 [更多]
      May.20,2011- 壹壹计划-收集拉环,造福社群
      Sep- 新加坡佛学院2012开始招生
      Dec.17,2011 �C 短期出家(名额已满)
      Oct.19,2011-诚邀志者加入本寺正命行列: Project Executives,Retail Executive, Retail Assistant,General Workers.

      News/Notices [More]
      May.20,2011- Project 11- collect Ring Tabs and make a difference
      Sep- Buddhist College of Singapore 2012 admission open
      Dec.17,2011 �C 9 Days Monkhood Novitiate Programme (Registration Full)
      Nov.8,2011 �C Library Closed (25/11 -06/12)
      Oct.19,2011-Vacancies for Project Executives, Retail Executive,Retail Assistant,
      General Workers
      Sep.,2011- Join Y photography
      May.2,2011 -Recruitment for KMSPKS Sat Sun School Volunteer Dharma Teachers

      悦读室: 阿姜查的�C明题:静止的流水

      Description: http://kmspks.org/media/pujue/images/excerpt/ch294.jpg








      - 可在<光明坊> 购得 (著)阿姜查


      Joyful Read: The Novice: A Story of True Love

      Description: http://kmspks.org/media/pujue/images/en_excerpt/en22.jpg

      Synopsis: Bestselling author and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh transforms an ancient folktale into a timeless parable of a young woman who dares to risk her life for her faith.

      Born to an aristocratic family in rural Vietnam, Kinh Tam’s uncommon beauty and intelligence were obvious to all she encountered. From an early age she was drawn to the teachings of Buddha and the rewards of a monastic life, but to please her family she agreed to walk the traditional path of marriage.

      Throughout her marriage, Kinh Tam’s mind was devoted to her husband but her heart never waivered from her true calling. She wanted to be a monk. And yet Buddhism was still new to Vietnam and temples accepted only men for ordination. Making a decision that would forever change her life, Kinh Tam left town, disguised herself as a man, and joined a monastery as a novice.

      Despite the many challenges of living as a man, Kinh Tam thrived and became a beloved member of the community. Years of profound joy and peace passed until a local woman accuses the novice of fathering her unborn child. Kinh Tam is torn between two impossible choices: keep her secret and endure brutal punishment or reveal the truth that would prove her innocence but put an end to her spiritual path.

      Facing the unbearable with the boundless heart of Buddha, her choice forever changes her life, her country, and her faith.

      In spare, elegant prose, Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us that we, too, face our own injustices and suffering, and by connecting with love, we can, like Kinh Tam, discover a mind and heart that are peaceful, happy, and free.  

      - Get it at Awareness Place Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

      Description: http://kmspks.org/media/pujue/images/invibes.gif Talk: The Enlightened Brain

      佛教影音精选: 无常、无我- 阿姜查

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